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Basic Solid for Women


Basic Solid for Women by Xpandasox
Introducing XPANDASOX®, a patent pending, innovative new sock concept. Originally conceived for plus size, wide, and athletic calves, it was soon realized that Xpandasox® serves a great need among people with lymphedema, lipedema, and other conditions that cause leg swelling. Bringing fashion and function together, Xpandasox® can be worn over wrappings and bandaging treatments to keep everything in place, while offering fun and stylish coverage and light compression of 8-15 mmHg. They are also perfect for wearing over compression stockings to add a bit of flair and personality. Xpandasox® Xpandapanel™ can stretch up to 24+ inches to accommodate casts, leg braces, and bandages and are ideal for use with sock aids.

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8-15 mmHg Compression
Women's Knee-High Socks - pair
Compression: 8-15 mmHg
 omg after 6 tries and 150 dollars wasted on compression socks I finally got a pair that fits!!!!! and comfy too 
- Cynthia Bryant
 These socks are very comfortable and have great compression. 
- Dorothy J Tracy
- Judith Brankel
 These are the best socks for me. They compress your legs and really work without discomfort. 
- Carol Demarest D Pippin
 These socks are wonderful as they really support your legs and have great compression. I wear them a lot and they support my legs and really help out. 
- Carol Demarest D Pippin
 Good quality, as usual. 
- Sandra Maistros
 Excellent product. 
- Steven Macdonald
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