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Juzo Detergent


Juzo Detergent by Juzo
This washing solution for elastic garments is formulated to remove soil, body acids, and skin salts quickly and easily without damage to fabric. This specially-designed solution will help extend the life of all elastic garments.
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Individual Pieces
2oz Bottle 
16oz Bottle 
2oz Bottle - case (12 pieces)
16oz Bottle - case (12 pieces)
 I thought the Product, Juzo concentrated wash 16 oz, did a fine job of cleaning my compression socks. However there was a problem when I wanted to buy another bottle. The web site didn't recognize the product so I couldn't reorder. 
- Joseph L. Barker
 I use this for all my sleeves and other delicate items. Great product! 
- Jeanne L Troy
 This is the ONLY cleansing detergent I use on muyu 14 pairs of compression sleeves and gauntlets. I wash them once a week, in a delicates bag, By themselves, in warm water then dry them. This detergent has extended the life of my garments and I have a small travel size one as well. 
- Jeanne L Troy
 Great product 
- Kimberly F Arnhold Arnhold
 Like the product and new packaging 
- Kimberly F Arnhold Arnhold
 Works well to clean the inside of the stockings and to prolong the life of such expensive but essential garments for those coping with lymphedemia. 
- Jo Douglas
 Cleans my hose well. Great product. 
- Mrs Carol Schmidt Schmidt
 commented on item before. 
- Ms Charlotte M Klassy
 I use this product for my garments and sleeves and also sometimes for small delicate items. Easy to use and does the job! 
- Empress Judith Moorman
 Cleans and refresh my garments 
- Gloria M Pelaez
 I purchased this product because my sleeve was rolling down its a great product. 
- Ms Pamela Hatton Hatton
 is gentle on my compression sicks. 
- Lynn D Knapp
 Gentle soap to use for caring for ted hose. 
- Ms Lois H Feyerherm
 I find this to be a very good product. 
- Ms. Maria E. Burgen
 Very fresh and not too heavy. 
- Rachel C Coequyt
 Gets garments smelling clean. 
- Rachel C Coequyt
 juzo does a very goo job cleaning support stocking. 
- Ms. Sakiko Kawaguchi
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