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Voices of Lymphedema

Lymph Notes

Voices of Lymphedema by Lymph Notes
Here, at last, is a book that presents the reality of lymphedema through the words of those who know it best - the patients who have it and the professionals who treat it. If you have lymphedema, you will find comfort, support, advice, and inspiration. If you know someone with lymphedema, or if you treat lymphedema, these moving, real-life stories give you a deep, personal understanding of the experience.

236 pages
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Individual Pieces
Textbook - case (10 pieces)
 Very interesting and helpful book. Let's you know you are not alone and there is hope. 
- Ms Betty Mcintyre
 It is really helpful to read stories from people that have experienced some of the same things I have! 
- Joni L Lyver
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