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TributeWrap Wrist to Axilla


TributeWrap Wrist to Axilla by Solaris
The TributeWrap Wrist to Axilla is an off-the-shelf adjustable foam compression garment for lymphedema or other edema management of the arm. It is intended for use during the evening, night, or other low activity periods. It comfortably adjusts to the patient's unique arm shape and lifestyle to help maintain gains made during therapy, while allowing the flexibility to support further reduction. It also offers great features to benefit maintenance therapy: (1) durable hook and loop straps and easy-to-pull finger grip holes for easy donning; (2) Coolcore fabric that rapidly wicks away sweat and moisture to regulate body temperature to keep you cool and comfortable; (3) proven foam technology to soften fibrotic tissue and support skin health; (4) chevron channeling based on MLD principles of directing fluid to the collateral pathways; (5) includes complimentary Sleep Sleeve to ensure the straps do not get tangled in the sheets; (6) angled straps and darting at the elbow to support freedom of movement
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Adjustable Compression
Arm Wrap
Compression: Adjustable
 Used as a nite time compression garment easy on easy off does the job. 
- Ms Victotia G Feaman
 Fits comfortably to sleep in. 
- Mrs Greta Bell
 I love this warp. I had bought my first one as an alternative to night time bandaging as that was hurting my bones from the pressure. The wrap was wonderful. It adds the same compression as the bandaging but only requires one person to put it on. The amount on pressure the wrap gives is much easier to adjust than on other ones I had tried. So far in the 6 months of use I haven't been having bone pain. I would definitely recommend this product. 
- Eliza C Madore
 I like the improvements they made to this. Much nicer than the first one I had. It seems to help more than my daytime sleeve. 
- Janis Brunner
 It's working for me. The swelling in my hand is greatly reduced since wearing it. 
- Janis Brunner
- Mrs Mary Dike Dike
- Melissa Torres
 The one that I am using now is a loaner from therapy. according to My therapist it is the same one they were displaying at the Breast care conference last October. The one shown here is just a little different it has loops at the closures. I really like it, Its very comfortable. 
- Mrs Nancy L Kelley
 This is my second garment. The other (same one) lasted a little over a year. I wish they lasted longer.... It certainly does what it is designed for. 
- Carolyn S Moore
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