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Tribute Wrist to Axilla


Tribute Wrist to Axilla by Solaris
This arm sleeve is perfect therapy for the wrist, elbow, and upper arm. It can be combined with the Solaris Glove Unit for full arm coverage to allow patients the flexibility of removing the hand portion to perform routine activities with ease.

To order this custom-size only product, please call us or click on the "Help Me Order" button below. We will be happy to assist you or your therapist with the ordering process.
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Arm Sleeve
 The Tribute is an amazing garment..The difference it makes in the condition of my arm(when I regularly wear it) is noticeable enough for those who know me to comment on.Although it is comfortable,it is like sleeping with an additional arm. Wearing it is well worth the additional arm's company.. 
- Sabina Meyer
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