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Transpore Surgical Tape


Transpore Surgical Tape by 3M
Transpore is a latex free and hypoallergenic tape that conforms and stretches with body movement while offering strong adhesion. It has exceptional breathability and is transparent to allow monitoring of bandages and dressings. Perforated edges make tearing it into strips easy even with the use of protective gloves.
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Individual Pieces
1" Wide (White) (1 roll)
2" Wide (White) (1 roll)
1" Wide (White) - box (12 rolls)
2" Wide (White) - box (6 rolls)
 Great product!! 
- Evelyn Dooley
 I use this with compression wraps. It's easy to tear and I've never had it fall off before I'm ready to peel it off 
- Jane Doherty
 I am sure it will work - if we need it in the future - however at the time I ordered this my husband was needing it - but by the time we received the order - the plans for care on his legs had changed so we cannot use it at this time. 
- Mary Ann A Cathey
 This type and quality of tape is hard to find. I use it with my compression bandages. It holds them securely and I never worry about them coming loose. 
- Ruthann England
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