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Lymphedema can strike anywhere in the body, especially in response to trauma or certain surgical procedures. From the head and neck, all the way to the ankles and feet, the buildup of excess lymph is a potentially problematic symptom of interrupted lymphatic system drainage and recirculation. Medical grade compression garments are carefully designed and expertly crafted of the finest materials to help provide appropriate medical grade compression.

Whether it's swollen feet, or a distended abdomen subsequent to surgery, the right medical compression wear can help enhance the natural healing process by preventing or ameliorating the buildup of lymph in affected tissues. It accomplishes this important feat by gently squeezing affected tissues in the appropriate places to coax lymph fluid out of the spaces between your body's cells, and back into the lymphatic vessels for recirculation back towards the heart.

At Lymphedema Products, we carry an extensive selection of torso compression garments for post-surgical recovery, from industry-leading manufacturer, BSN Jobst. The Jobst Surgical Vest, for example, features breathable fabric for maximum comfort, and comes with or without cups, or with a single cup, on the side of your choosing. This latex-free, machine-washable/dryable garment features a centered zipper in front for ease of donning, and adjustable hook-and-eye fabric-backed shoulder straps for a customized fit. By wearing as directed by your physician, it's possible to reduce the risk of blood clot formation and bruising, while holding any surgical implants gently in place during the healing process.

The Jobst Plastic Surgery Girdle Mid-Thigh is an excellent choice for patients who may undergo surgical procedures on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, or flanks. Following liposuction in these areas, for example, a patient may be required to wear one of these side-zippered garments to help prevent the buildup of lymph. Gentle, distributed compression helps force lymph out of delicate tissues and back into circulation to enhance the natural healing process.

The Jobst Plastic Surgery Girdle Long Leg is another alternative. It provides similar support to the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and flanks, but extends even lower on the legs, to extend coverage and support to the thighs and upper calves. Non-binding and latex-free, this breathable garment is an excellent choice for post-cosmetic-procedure recovery. Features zippers down both sides in the front, for ease of donning.

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