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Tic-Tac Swell Spot


Tic-Tac Swell Spot by Solaris
The Tic-Tac Swell Spot works well to address larger areas of fibrosis.
This product has 3 reviews.
Small Single Pad 18cm x 18cm
Medium Single Pad 28cm x 28cm
Large Single Pad 38cm x 38cm
 Therapist recommend this item 
- Kathleen Kyler
 I have several swell spots and use them to break up fibrosis in my hand and to help with truncal lymphedema swelling. They are great products. 
- Anita Birley
 Having had lymphedema for more than 40 years, having the swell spot to help break up the hard adhesive tissue is a blessing. 
- Dr Linda J Burrs
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