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Textbook of Lymphology - 3rd Edition

by M. Foeldi

Textbook of Lymphology - 3rd Edition by by M. Foeldi
Dr. Michael Foeldi, professor and internationally renowned expert in the field of lymphology, together with his co-editors and contributing authors, unlocks the complex world of lymphological science for physicians and lymphedema therapists alike. Through its breadth and depth of information, the authors successfully bridge the gap between the pre-clinical environment and the functions of the clinician/physician or physiotherapist. The clear color layout and more than 800 impressive illustrations facilitate access to this special field. Based on the well-received German textbook, Lehrbuch der Lymphologie, now in its 6th edition, the 3rd English edition has been updated to reflect the latest knowledge in the field of lymphology.

735 pages

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