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Silver Wave Active Massage Legging


Silver Wave Active Massage Legging by Solidea
Exceptionally comfortable, the Solidea Silver Wave Active Massage Legging combines patented Micro Massage 3D wave knit technology and lighter graduated compression to encourage microcirculation and enhance the body's natural ability to uptake and transport excess fluid. Unparalleled for effectiveness and ease of use, this silhouette smoothing legging is perfect for abdominal, lower back, hip, buttock, thigh and calf compression. Featuring a non-constricting waistband, cotton gusset and flat seams to make the undergarment discreet under clothing or workout wear. The breathable, moisture wicking fabric contains silver microfibers to reduce bacteria, the chance of infection and odor. Most effective without underwear. This Solidea garment is made in Italy with the finest quality materials and craftsmanship, is latex free, and is part of the Active Massage Collection.
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12-15 mmHg Compression
Compression: 12-15 mmHg
Product Options: XXX-Large ONLY Available in Black
 Nice fit easy laundry care 
- Dewey Arnett Arnett
 The best support tights I’ve ever worn! Customer service is terrific! 
- Dr. Louise R Smith Ph.d.
 I highly recommend this product to anyone whether they have lymphedema or not. I had 22 lymph nodes removed when I had surgery for a cervical cancer diagnosis. I have not developed lymphedema in my legs, and it is my understanding that this can happen at a future date. I am hoping that these leggings will help me prevent this from happening. These leggings are awesome for working out and walking. They are compression garment but do not feel binding at all. 
- Geri Guest Decker
 I can say nothing but good things about this legging. The compression feels really good on the legs and the abdomen as you're working out. I have use these for walking and it makes your legs feel so much better. I had 22 lymph nodes removed when I had surgery for cervical cancer. I have not developed lymphedema in my legs but I trying to prevent this from happening in the future. This is a great compression garment that in no way feels binding. Lymphedema or no lymphedema I recommend this product for walking. 
- Geri Guest Decker
 I love the long leggings rather than my capri because the capri cut into my leg right under my knees. 
- Margaret Keuler
 Easier to get on than other brands I've tried. Comfortable...and I can wear them pulled to the arch of my foot or just to the ankle depending on which shoes I wear. 
- Barbara A A Keyes
 LOVE this product! The best part is it stays in place! No creeping down or bunching behind the knees! 
- Amy Mumford
 They were the best compression leggings I have ever worn and I have tried them all. They are a different texture and they actually stimulate and massage your body. I will never use any other brand out there. 
- Bonnie E Bell Downs
 2nd time I have purchased this item. Reduces swelling and is more comfortable than other products I have tried. 
- Beth Rickards
 I really love these leggings! I like that they can be ankle length or above the ankle. Also they can be pulled up higher than the waist for shape control or at the waist. These are my favorite!! 
- Mrs Brenda K Brazell
 Love it great product. Helps a lot with swelling 
- Avis Carson
 While the product is probable great, they were the wrong size and were returned. 
- Doug D. Robbins
 These are fabulous leggings. I have figured out that I need to replace them every 3 months to keep a good level of compression but I think that is because I am very active. I have lipidemia and some other things and this is the perfect amount of compression. It doesn't cause pain like the more compressive ones but it gets the job done. 
- Dawn M Loritz Loritz
 i been using silver wave leggings for years ,they feel great when I'm working out and I love the fact that they really do reduce cellulite and reduce fluid in my legs. Love them 
- Deborah Gundlach
 I buy either these or the Solidea Body Lipo leggings if I need more compression. Both provide very good compression. They normally hold up very well. My last pair, however, developed a hole after only the second time I wore them. I was disappointed, but hope it's just a one-off that won't happen again. I gave them 5 stars anyway because they're the best compression leggings I've ever found. 
- Marion Keiter
 I enjoy wearing them, I always get compliments and they want to know where I purchase them. I wear for my lymphedema. 
- Mrs Jacquelyn O Washington
 I am pleased. It would nice if this was a bit larger. 
- Jane E Stachowiak
 This the only compression legging I've tried that I can wear all day in comfort. It is an investment that is worth it. My heart rate goes down by 10 bpm as soon as I put them on. I bought one of each color. 
- Julia Volkman
 Easier to get on. The waves massage as you walk. My fluid is reduced after wearing them for the last month. They do not run as easily as other products. 
- Karen I Bork
 I have worn compression knee highs for 10 years for Lymphedema in mostly one leg. I have found that wearing this leggings all day have been extremely helpful in the overall feeling of my legs. I was concerned at first, but have been wearing them all the time since July and they have not gotten any worse. I realize walking is very important in the overall and try to walk every day. Stimulating the leg I feel is very important with the swelling and anxious to see improvement in time. be careful of washing them in the new type of wash machines and adjust the spin cycle as not to stretch them. I have also found the carpi style also works as they stretch. 
- Karen Gery
 If I have to wear compression these are the lightest weight and best looking. 
- Mark Baker
 Love these! Not much compression but so comfy, I use them when I'm relaxing and I need a break from strong compression. 
- Deborah Martinez
 Extremely comfortable & not as difficult to get on 
- Michelle M Stoll
 Very comfortable & easier to get on than your average compression stockings. 
- Michelle M Stoll
 The top didn't roll down. It didn't wrinkle up at the ankles. It didn't cut. I'm very pleased. 
- Ms. Linda Dale Woloshin
 I read the reviews and couldn't wait to try them. I was not disappointed, love these. I have lymphedema in my right leg and use them under my wraps as I am going through decongestive therapy. They help keep my wraps up as well as help break down the firmer areas. I ordered more because I like them so much! 
- William D Stansell
 I love these! Would recommend these to everyone but I bought them to help out with my lymphedema. 
- Lori Y Stansell
 I've needed and been prescribed compression hosiery for 50 years. These leggings are even better than the custom made ones I've had in the past. They are more comfortable and the massaging action really makes a difference in how my legs feel all day. I appreciate the extended size range which is hard to find in ready-made garments. 
- Mrs Geraldine M Mages
 Outstanding product, really helps keep the swelling down and my legs feel good at the end of a long day 
- Marie P Iddings Iddings
 I have tried a similar compression legging and did not like them. I like these a lot more. Very comfortable and easier to get on 
- Roberta R Rollins
 I have Liledema !! These are the only hoses I can wear!!! I am 5'1.. They are a little long on me !! 
- Marie Anderson
 These are the best leggings I have found. I don't wear them during the day though! I wear them for eight hours at night after I do my leg therapy exercises. It works for me. Extra bonus--they breath! 
- Mrs. Mary E Wescott
 I wear these tights to bed every night to keep my lymphedema in check and they are very effective. I appreciate that they are long enough in the legs (5-10 female)and have an adequate rise also. I have purchased at least six pairs since 2013. 
- Mrs. Mary E Wescott
 the most comfortable compression garment I found. 
- Nicole Biel
 Solidea and Bioflect are my go-to's for my Lipedema compression garments. I love the feel and the support. My first order from Lymphedemaproducts and the price and delivery time can't be beat. Highly recommend. 
- Pearl Taylor
 I've been wearing this legging for approximately 5 years. I sleep with these several nights a week so that I get the benefit of the gentle message while sleeping. 
- Patricia Siary
 I definitely have way more energy when I wear these Silver Wave Active Massage Leggings. The fabric breathes amazingly well. This is my second pair. 
- Dr. Louise R Smith Ph.d.
 I love my silver wave leggings! 
- Juanita Silva
 Very pleased with the effect they have had on my lymphedema. Just wish they came on more colors. 
- Ceil Williams
 I love it! It really helps my blood circulation. 
- Thayse Maia Alencar
 Comfortable and just enough compression 
- Susan C Peyerl Peyerl
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