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Silver Wave Active Massage Abdominal Band


Silver Wave Active Massage Abdominal Band by Solidea
Exceptionally comfortable, the Solidea Silver Wave Active Massage Abdominal Band combines patented Micro Massage 3D wave knit technology and lighter compression to encourage microcirculation and enhance the body's natural ability to uptake and transport excess fluid. Unparalleled for effectiveness and ease of use, our silhouette smoothing abdominal band is perfect for truncal compression. The stay up top band and seamless design hugs the body and makes the undergarment discreet under clothing or workout wear. The breathable, moisture wicking fabric contains silver microfibers to reduce bacteria, the chance of infection and odor. This Solidea garment is made in Italy with the finest quality materials and craftsmanship, is latex free, and is part of the Active Massage Collection.
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This product has 21 reviews.
15 mmHg Compression
Torso Band
Compression: 15 mmHg
 This garment is one of the best items I have ordered. It fits well. The measurements are precise. I will be ordering another one soon. It is a bit pricey, but the quality is there. I have not been disappointed with any item i have ordered. If you need this item, order will be glad you did. 
- Ms Marion G. Simon
 I am very happy with this product. I'm glad i took the chance to order it. The measurement chard is right on. The fit is perfect. I will be ordering another soon. I highly recommend it. It's very comfortable. Try it you will not be disappointed. 
- Ms Marion G. Simon
 This band significantly helped the abdominal pooling very quickly. I do not have to wear it everyday, once the swelling went down, but whenever I feel the need, I put it on. Mine is not too tight and very comfortable support to my abdomen and back. 
- Ann Skidmore
 Comfortable. Great fit. 
- Carolyn A Howard
- Carolyn Howard
 Comfortable.Works great. 
- Carolyn Howard
 Love it. 
- Carolyn Howard
 I am wild about this product! I had abdominal surgery a while back and this band feels so supportive. It's comfortable and can't be seen under clothing. They are easy to wash, and they maintain their shape. 
- Gail Fogelson
 Very pleased with this garment. Fits well. Comfortable. Stays in place. Does not bind or roll down. 
- Edward Schacht
 I did recommend this to my sis she also purchase one 
- Colleen Harris
 Love this product 
- Colleen Harris
 The abdominal band is comfortable and cool. It is not tight and moves with the body. 
- Ms Gay Roberson
 Very comfortable and works great. 
- James A Stark
 it is comfortable. helps with the fluid in my stomach. 
- Mary L Hoepner
 Comfortable, is moving lymph fluid enabling easier breathing 
- Nina B Thomason
 It's good, yes I would recommend this. 
- Peggy Froehlich
 My patient loves the comfort and breathability 
- Pauline Jonsson
 This product is a wonderful wearing compression garments. I can see the difference. 
- Phyllis E. Maynard
 This is an excellent product. I really needed abdominal support and this was perfect! 
- Beronica Turner
 It works great. 
- Scott A Seegmiller
 It works! My stomach reduces within a matter of days of me using it. It helped two reduce the fluid in my stomach. 
- Sonja Sulcer
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