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Active Massage Energy by Solidea
Exceptionally comfortable, these Solidea Active Energy Knee-High socks combine patented Micro Massage 3D wave knit technology and lighter graduated compression to encourage microcirculation and enhance the body's natural ability to uptake and transport excess fluid. Unparalleled for effectiveness and ease of use, these knee high socks have a non-constricting top band and toe box. The breathable, moisture wicking fabric contains silver microfibers to reduce bacteria, the chance of infection and odor. This Solidea garment is made in Italy with the finest quality materials and craftsmanship, is latex free, and is part of the Active Massage Collection.
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12-15 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Socks - pair
Compression: 12-15 mmHg
 I have used these Solidea knee highs for many years due lymphedema. My doctors have approved them. 
- Mrs Doris M Benit
 I have been using active massage energy Solidea for many years. I have been satisfied with every purchase. 
- Mrs Doris M Benit
 These socks are worth the price over regular compression socks as the massaging fabric helps move fluid rather than just keep it from pooling. Very comfortable. 
- Carol M Schacht
 I love these socks! I think they provide great compression and are comfortable for work and active use. 
- Cyn Gray
 Light preasure, great for trips, without health issues 
- Neil Kuhlman
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