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Active Massage Arm Bands


Active Massage Arm Bands by Solidea
Exceptionally comfortable, Solidea Active Massage Arm Bands feature groundbreaking technology that combines lighter compression with patented 3D wave fabric to activate a gentle massage as the body moves. This massage action enhances the body's ability to rid itself of excess fluid and helps improve microcirculation. These seamless arm bands are an ultra comfortable solution for those who need compression sleeves that stay in place and will not slide or roll during use. Instead of traditional silicone dots or silicone bands that are irritating and constrictive, Solidea created an innovative stay-up stretch band that contains silicone threads to ensure a comfortable and non-constrictive solution, even for those with sensitive skin. Easy to put on and take off, Active Massage Arm Bands will stay in place comfortably all day and all night.

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.
Available Colors
This product has 13 reviews.
15-21 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeves - pair
Compression: 15-21 mmHg
 This is the first product that stays up, but does not irritate my upper arm. It comes it a two pack so it is a great value. The only complaint I have is that the gauntlet and arm bands are two different shades. Not a huge difference, but why aren't the shades the same? 
- Iris Tsuha
 This is the best sleeve I have found so far. It's comfortable, and I can wear it for 8 hours and it not bother me once! I highly recommend!! 
- Hollie Otterman
 These are my favorite sleeves to live in! 
- Erin M Robleto
 Very comfortable 
- Genie Garcia
 It's very comfortable and the arm band stays in place. 
- Ms Gina L Buxton Buxton
 Being new to having to wear a compression sleeve, I bought one of every brand. The Solidea is my favorite and go-to sleeve because it is the most comfortable. They don't have as much compression as some of the others, so they are my every day sleeve and I wear the others for high risk activities. The price is the best too. I am hoping they come out with more colors. 
- Karen Tucker
 Fit just right, stays up, and was comfortable while providing the compression that was recommended for me. 
- Martha M Medlin
 It's my fourth pair! 
- Risa K Pleasant Mrs
 Love to wear these when gardening. 
- Risa Pleasant Mrs
 Love these 
- Risa Pleasant Pleasant
 Comfortable to wear everyday 
- Risa Pleasant Pleasant
 Wonderful product has helped me tremendously.. 
- Patricia A Turk
 Very comfortable 
- Harriett A Zoeller
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