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Solaris Thigh Liners - Pair


Solaris Thigh Liners - Pair by Solaris
Solaris Thigh Liners are designed to be worn under ReadyWrap garments. They are manufactured with unique antimicrobial properties for maximum comfort and protection. Solaris Thigh Liners now come in two sizes to facilitate a more comfortable fit.

PLEASE NOTE: Solaris Liners do not provide compression and are intended to be worn as a stockinette under ReadyWrap Garments.
This product has 12 reviews.
 Works well for my full leg garments. Has a lot of stretch to fit many different size legs. 
- Ann Kalkofen
 Easy to order, quick delivery 
- Les Silverman
 These work wonderfully under my ReadyWraps. Helps keep them up and is comfortable and absorbent against my skin. I wish they would make them in beige as well. 
- Carol Ryttenberg
 These liners are great. Fitted at the toe and ankle. They are very durable and easy to wash and dry. 
- Linda H Mann
 Love the Solaris Silver thigh liners. They are the only ones I use now. I will be ordering them again. 
- Linda H Mann
 These are just what the therapist ordered, literally. They work just great. I am short so I have some extra to fold over my foam appliance. That's not the right word but I hope you understand what I mean. I also find using a gluey roll on helps too. I'm glad I bought extra because I like to be sure I always have a clean pair. 
- Mary Ann Pirone
 easy to use and maintain 
- Ms Margaret Wink
 Good product for the money 
- Ms Margaret Wink
 quality made, if you calves are very heavy order the thigh high pair not the calf pair 
- Ms Margaret Wink
 fits fine washes very good so far seems like a very good purchase. 
- Robert J Mcmurray Jr Mcmurray J
 I love these they really help to keep my circadian from sliding down. I bought thigh highs and they reach my knees as I have large legs. 
- Ms Sharon T Patenaude
 The silver liner fit my oddly large shaped thighs as if they were custom made. I tried; but don't use the liners that came with my wraps the silver ones are my favorite Thank you for Lessing my frustrations by supplying good quality product! 
- Kathy L Imes
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