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Solaris Below Knee Liners - Pair


Solaris Below Knee Liners - Pair by Solaris
Solaris Below Knee Liners are designed to be worn under ReadyWrap garments. They are manufactured with unique antimicrobial properties for maximum comfort and protection. Solaris Below Knee Liners will fit a maximum girth of 60cm.

PLEASE NOTE: Solaris Liners do not provide compression and are intended to be worn as a stockinette under ReadyWrap Garments.
This product has 97 reviews.
 These are much much better than the ones I had been wearing. So soft even after washing. I would very highly recommend. 
- Bonnie Ekeroth
 The best sock liner I've found. It lays flat and fits neatly; it's soft and comfortable. 
- Jeffrey A Weisberg
 RX from Dr. have held up well and do the job. will buy again 
- Mary E Ashton
 They are a big help in keeping my legs from swelling. I liked them so much I bought several more pairs. 
- Mr. Roy M. Stanley
 I have used these docks in the past and it was time to get some new ones. I received excellent service 
- Maureen T Holleman
 The product works very well for me. Quite happy with them 
- James Worthen
 My had to use these prior to vein surgery under his Velcro compression Socks. He liked them so much he wanted more to wear them as regular socks. They do not cause tightness lines on his legs and are easy for him to pull on. So I ordered more sock liners for him. 
- Patricia A A Haag
- Patricia A Burgess
- Patricia A Burgess
 These are a MUST HAVE for anyone who wears leg wraps as they are a comfortable buffer between your leg and the wrap. 
- Lillian G Douglas
 the best wrap ever! does what is meant to do! great service too! Thank you Al B 
- Allen G Buckalew
 the best - great product does exactly what is supposed to do - the best service - thanks 
- Allen G Buckalew
 Thanks, these are an upgrade to the previous version and seems to be a very good quality. 
- Albert L Hutchinson
 works just fine. Helps contain the swelling and is comfortable. Can be worn without socks too! 
- Mr. Anthony J Mottola
 Quality, long lasting liner 
- Alicia Luse
 My husband uses these. They are just like the original ready wrap solaris silver liners. Just a different name. 
- Cynthia Hughart
 Great liners. Comfortable and easy to get on and off. Keeps the legs protected from getting irritated by the wraps. 
- Alex Supranowitz
- Martin J Lomasney
 Bought these for my Dad because his Dr wanted him to wear the compression wrap with these underneath and he loves them. we ordered them at A Medical store where his prescription was sent and they sent just One Liner with the Silver in it and two other Liners without no silver and there were more expensive!! :0( Glad I found you Guys! Product was sent faster than the other ones that were ordered through a Medical store. 
- Brenda Martini
 It was everything I expected. 
- Donald Johnson Johnson
 the product is very good I like the product very much 
- Mr Leon Commerford 111
 is good stretchy material that enables you to wear it even when swollen more then usual; 
- Ms Deb Reed Reed
 These liners are the best. Wouldn't use any other brand. Along with the lower leg wraps I am able to control my Lymphedema. Great product! 
- Mrs Cynthia A Phillips
 Good fit and price, as well as quick shipping 
- Kevin R Ames
 Good quality material arrived on time 
- Helen M Lewis Lewis
 Bought for 83 year old to replace her old stretched out ones. She loves them! 
- Donna J Shirk
 Love my Solaris silver socks. 
- Mrs Darilyn R Tamburini
 These Below-the-Knee Liners are the perfect accessory as they are easy to put on and the material is very durable. The silver component to the sock liner offers excellent anti-bacterial properties. The quality is exceptional holding up well even after multiple laundering with the black color blending in from a fashion standpoint. 
- Erwin Juda
 The order was delivered very quick and my wife has had excellent results with these as they have helped to reduce the swelling in her legs when used with CompreFit. 
- Mr Cyril Smith
 First sock that would stay up for the whole day. 
- Francis Young
- Joan A Avila
 Wicks sweat, comfortable, easy to put on, and they're soft. I've worn wraps for years and I haven't found a better liner. 
- Gene S Roberts
 Love these liners. They are comfortable under my leg wraps. 
- Mrs Laurie Galan
 Pricey, but good quality, and the best socks I've ever found for fitting over layers of Comprilan bandages. Excellent product and excellent service. 
- Ms. Tracey J Pennington
 The Solaris Below Knee Liners is an outstanding product!!!!! 
- Gladys H. Pettiford
 Great product 
- Thelma E Clagett
 Material has a soft feel when on for awhile, while still holding its compression qualities. The price is high compared with some other like items perhaps this is justified. However, this may keep one from buying multiple packages of two from a short period. 
- Jane Arrington
 These are great to wear under your compression wraps. I wouldn't be without them. 
- John M Cascioli
 Love them. I wish they were more reasonable priced 
- Jeanne L Kamer
 Spendy but a great liner for my Farrow Wraps. Good service and speedy delivery. Thanks guys! 
- Ed Gilchrist
 They are the best 
- Mary A Huffman
 They fit well, or as well as can be for a big person like me. :-) 
- Jon Mcalexander
 The product works very well for me and is necessary to wear to fight infection. 
- June Leathers
 Well constructed and very comfortable. 
- Jeanne P Maack
 Our original socks came from the physical therapist. We just used the website on the label. Socks are exactly the same, nicely made, and arrived quickly 
- Kathleen A Velanzon
 Well satisfied with product and service 
- Larry E Taylor
 I ordered some extra liners and they fit very well and comfortable for all day wear especially in the winter. 
- Cathy M Kennedy
 Just a light compression. Just what I needed to line velcro wraps. 
- Lynda Eriksen
 Great product. Very comfortable and easy to put on. Very fast delivery time. Will be a repeat customer. 
- Mark A Vollmer
 Good quality product 
- Michael A Weeks Mr
 Great product 
- Michael A Weeks
 Fit is good and they are very comfortable. 
- Mrs Peggy M Woods
 Love these sock liners. They fit perfectly and are cheaper than buying from my local shop. My second order with this company came in 3 days during the pandemic that's great customer service (had a little trouble with first order but loved the product and price so much I did a second order). Highly recommend product and company! 
- Donna Mcaleer
 I love them. The only problem was the post office delivered to wrong address and I had to track them down 
- Mary A. Cornwell
 They are great especially in winter weather 
- Mary A Cornwell
 a great liner for garments 
- Mary A Cornwell Cornwell
 great products.....helps the legs ..... 
- Mary A Cornwell
 The liners are perfect under the compression wraps. Wish they had the silver threads to help keep infection down. 
- Mrs Claudia L Brown
 I am very please with this product. 
- Margaret M Corbitt
 Very nice. Easy to take care of. 
- Becky Millis
 They are just what I needed. 
- Paula N Moyers
 They were for my mother and she's unable to understand let alone articulate anything about them - due to dementia - but they seem to fit her well. 
- Nancy J Beachler
 A necessity for under my Velcro wraps. Very helpful. 
- Mrs Nellie A Hartnett
 Very comfortable an fits well. 
- Mrs. Oksana Roshetsky
 a must have for the velco wraps 
- Victoria C Osmanski Osmanski
 excellent product and the size comes right on the sock which worked great for me as I wear one x large and one large sock 
- Ms Patricia A Barry Barry
 Fits great! 
- Patricia Craft
 The solaris liners are comfortable . They wash well and do not change shape. 
- Mrs Penny M Glass
 kept' s the toes warm 
- Phyllis Hibberd
 I have used them as ReAdyWrap Liners- but I also use them as a cover sock over short stretch, Coban 2. And Profore dressings so I'm not as self conscious about bandages showing - this one has a ‚Äúsilky dress socks‚Äù texture, I previously got some liners that felt like thicker cotton athletic socks 
- Rev Christopher E Crawford Phy
 One of the reasons I love these liners are because they fit. My son has extra large legs and some of the other liners I have ordered are to tight for his legs and simply do not fit. They are easy to get on and do not roll down. They are easy to clean and have held up well after many washings. Most of all my son doesn't mind wearing them! 
- Dr. Delia J. Ross
 The Solaris stockings are just what I need. 
- Ray Elling
 Excellent product, fits perfectly and very comfortable would buy it again. 
- Mr James H Rice
 The product is Excellent, however because you no longer stock it. It takes a few weeks to get it but I guess we must accept that as normal in our world today. 
- Mr James H Rice
 This product was delivered very quick and performs exactly as advertised. 
- James Rice
 We are very pleased 
- Mrs Renee L Wilkins Wilkins
 Very good quality 
- Mrs Sallyanne Wiegand
 Perfect. I will order from you again. 
- Mrs Sandra Nicholson Nicholson
 This product is fantastic. Very durable, easy to put on and comfortable under the wraps. Laundries well. Do not put in dryer! 
- Mr Merrill D Jackson
 Perfect for my needs! 
- Sharon S. Klein
 I am waiting on my 2nd order 
- Sherman R Patterson
- Shirley A Hibbs
 These were for my wife and she thinks they are great 
- Lawrence R R Eller Iii
 These stocking liners are so easy to use. my husband actually prefer to wear them over the velcro wraps, and that works fine. 
- Susanne Dragun
- Timothy R. Lewison
 the liners are comfortable and I like having liners in the color black 
- Therese M Rogers
 been using this for awhile now for my lymphedema easy to put on and works very well 
- Mrs Mary J Ruikis
 Very comfortable to wear, long lasting. 
- Veronica M. Pearce
 These were purchased for my 100 year old mom, she really likes the way they fit and wear with her Readi Wraps. 
- Bill King
 The quality is excelllent. They are light, yet very effective. 
- Susannah Rubenstein
 Recommended after original liners wore out. Satisfactory but no washing instructions. 
- Mr Carl E Zentner
 Thought it would lake longer to receive them.This is my second order. Very easy to put on. 
- Mr Robert E Werner Sr.
 These are the best I use them all the time I need to order more I have a pair for each day of the week 
- Mary A Cornwell
 A unique sock that is just the right combination of fit and comfort. I use these under compression wraps and this sock is the best of many I have tried. 
- Jeffrey A Weisberg
 These liners make the other products work the best. 
- Carol A Mcdowell
 Great product 
- Michael A Weeks
 Excellent product 
- Alen J Peppard
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