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ExoSoft Glove


ExoSoft Glove by Solaris
The ExoSoft Glove is the ideal balance of comfort, containment, and breathability, with a fit so good you won't believe it's off-the-shelf. The ExoSoft glove features: (1) lightweight microfiber materials that keep skin cool, dry, and comfortable; (2) a tapered wrist that is designed to work with arm sleeves to provide full arm coverage; (3) flat, reinforced edges to help reduce irritation and rolling; (4) gusseted web spaces to provide flexibility while maintaining comfort and containment

May be worn on the Left or Right hand.
Available Colors
This product has 32 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Half-Finger Glove
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Quarter-Finger Glove
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
 Comfortable fits good. Works very well. Cleans very nicely and dries quickly. 
- Mrs. Kristine A Sedat
 Really like my new Solaris gloves. Will get more when needed. 
- Annette Tidwell
 The product we bought was perfectly fitted. It was exactly what we want, thank you! 
- Ms Betul Ozaydin
 just as described. 
- Charlton E Shirley
 This glove is very comfortable. The fingers are long for me so I need to roll them down. But it gives slightly more compression on my fingers above the knuckles. 
- Claudia E Jardim
 Comfortable to wear. Washes well in machine and hang to dry. 
- Colleen M M Hathaway
 Very comfortable and works better than my gauntlet. I needed more coverage of my fingers abd can work with it on. 
- Colleen M Hathaway
 Comfortable and easy to put on 
- Arlene Schrotenboer
 Very happy with this and my other two items! 
- Carol Rice
 Very soft. Washes well. Comfortable. Holds swelling down well without being too tight. Best glove I've ever tried. 
- Mrs Deborah Willson
 Working both with lymphedema clients as well as hand therapy. The patient I helped get this is a hand patient with several surgeries and now swelling. This has been a great option for patient to don/doff, maintain it, and have good control of the swelling. For this individual, there is sensory issues and although this glove does have compression, his sensory can tolerate it w/o too much difficulty. I have used this for breast cancer patient's also with good success. 
- Ms. Denise Hagemann
 Nice quality and good fit. Will buy again. Good customer service. 
- Gale Kelly
 Very comfortable. I like the brand and will look for it again--in the future. 
- Ms Jonni L. Pettit
 I prefer this glove soft, comfortable, prevents swelling in the whole hand. 
- Mrs Joyce A Glaze
 This glove has the best feel and is most presentable for "dress" wear. I have this in both black and beige, choose according to season and/or what I'm wearing. The glove controls swelling very well, only Exo strong and custom made Elvarex do a better job for me. 
- Ms Kathrynmarin Gordon
 I received this product in a short time and am very pleased. It fits well and is comfortable. 
- Mrs. Kristin M Schulze
 The heat and humidity in Texas activated my lymphadema with my hand swelling and painful. The glove was just what I needed to wear during the day. I have two so that if I misplace one (which I do often) I have a back up until the first one turns up (which it eventually does). 
- Ms. Kristene L Ruddle Ruddle
 Very soft and comfortable. Keeps the swelling down. 
- Laurie Coker
 Easy to put on 
- Linda Mazzia
 Much better than my last style. I would buy again. 
- Linda Mazzia
 Love it. Lets me do my welding projects while keeping my hand pain and swelling away. Thank you! 
- Linda Dilger
 The absence of seams makes this glove quite comfortable. My lymphedema is focused in my left index finger. In the picture of your product, the glove reaches all the way to the finger nails, but mine does not reach that far, and I'm having trouble reducing the swelling in that distal end of the finger, so I wish the product I have had longer fingers. 
- Nancy L Opsata
 This item is perfect. Great fit and great compression for swelling flare ups. Highly recommend!! 
- Carla Labossiere Labossiere
 It fits perfectly and compression is just right. Has greatly helped me with reducing the swelling in my fingers 
- Prabhjot Kaur
 Totally happy with this product! And I would buy it again! It minimizes the lymphedema and swelling in my hands and makes it easier for me to do my rehab‚Ķ Great product! 
- Sangeet Khalsa
 Well made. 
- Mrs Maureen Rowe
 These were missing from my original order so I called Lymphedema products and they immediately took care of the problem and was extremely courteous. The gloves are super, soft, and fingers are nice and long and work very well. 
- Mrs Barbara S Owen
 Glove is the excellent quality, with even neat tight stitches that don't unwravel. The fit is snug but not too tight. 
- Susan Dixon
 I like the glove, but I would rather have black because it don't show dirt as bad 
- Tammie Bailey
 I really like the ExoSoft Glove! Its the best one I have found 
- Tammie Bailey
 Excellent feel, washes well, provides proper support Have been using the product for over five years (new one every three months) and am quite satisfied. 
- Timothy M Carey Carey
 Glove is soft and fit is perfect. 
- Tina L Johnson
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