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ExoSoft Arm Sleeve


ExoSoft Arm Sleeve by Solaris
The ExoSoft arm sleeve is a circular-knit arm sleeve guaranteed to provide comfortable, gradient compression with moderate containment. It is the highest rated sleeve as chosen by therapists and retailers in a blind product comparison. The ExoSoft arm sleeve features: (1) wide bands at the wrist and axilla to help keep the sleeve in place and resist rolling; (2) microfiber materials that are comfortable and breathable while still providing containment for mild and moderate swelling; (3) a soft and smooth design that makes donning and doffing easy

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.
Available Colors
This product has 19 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve with Silicone Top-Band
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
 As described, very soft, shipped quickly. 
- Cherri Cravens
 Good quality. Seems to be made well. Comfortable. True to size. 
- Andrea Drosen
 Good quality. Seems to be made well. Comfortable. True to size. 
- Andrea Drosen
 Good product. I like that is stays up and I don't have to tug on it all day long like the first product I had from a different company. 
- Anne Oliver
 This arm sleeve is high quality and very comfortable. I will definitely be ordering again! 
- Barb Treat
 Good for swelling 
- Denise Edwards Edwards
 Met expectations 
- Denise Edwards Edwards
 Very good quality item, will order again 
- Ms. Ena C. Orantes
 Like this product. I have worn it all summer and it is comfortable and holds its shape. I wear my sleeve and glove daily otherwise I experience swelling and pain. 
- Harriet Juli
 I love the products this company has to offer. I recently purchased my second arm sleeve. I tried a slightly different design and it is more comfortable than the first one. I won't buy from anyone else. 
- Nancy D Wheeler
 I ordered a Solaris ExoSoft beige sleeve. I am pleased with the fit and comfort. I also ordered a Solaris ExoSoft beige glove which I am also pleased with. However, I am disappointed that they do not match. I thought that by ordering the same brand and color that they would be the same color and material. 
- Mrs Janet A Keppler
 After a fair amount of experimentation, I've found this the best off-the-shelf sleeve for me. It has a smooth feel and is more comfortable in a range of temperatures than many other knits. 
- Ms Kathrynmarin Gordon
 This sleeve is strong and stays up well. I feel that it gives me good support. The weave is different than other sleeves and seems to be better able to stand up to repeated use. 
- Ms. Karen M Wilkison
 excellent !! 
- Joan Komada
 This product provides good compression and blends well with my skin. 
- Mary W. Murphy Murphy
 This is an excellent compression arm sleeve. It is soft but firm and holds its shape for a long time 
- Ora Wagenberg
 Fairly comfortable. Will probably be ordering another in the not too distant future. "One on, one in laundry, one spare" 
- Patricia A Van Den Ameele
 I've worn compression sleeves for 7 years and this is one of the most comfortable ones. It's not super hot and comfortable. 
- Mrs Wanda N Wissing
 I really like this sleeve. Fits well, provides good compression, and seems really durable. Much better than the Jobst sleeves I have used in the past. 
- Mr. Robert Mansfield
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