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SoftCompress Elbow Pad


SoftCompress Elbow Pad by Juzo
Juzo SoftCompress Elbow Pads are designed be worn under short-stretch bandages, wraps, or compression garments to provide additional compression, cushioning, and ideal pressure distribution at the bend of the elbow joint. They are easy to don and save time when applying bandaging or compression garments. The elbow pads are great for sensitive skin as they are comprised of 100% cotton covering over a foam core. Vertically stitched foam channels create differences in pressure, thereby promoting lymph drainage while preventing soft tissue fibrosis. Juzo SoftCompress Elbow Pads are an excellent choice over traditional foam and synthetic padding because of their ability to be machine washed for repeated use while remaining durable and comfortable.
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Single Pad 10cm x 13cm
- Ms Isabel M Triana
 Super helpful! I get lymphedema accumulated on the inner side of my elbow (right where the pointy bone is). I put this inside my compression sleeve and it instantly relieves the uncomfortable feeling of heaviness and swelling as well as pain on that elbow bone. It has both a fast action and a longer-term effect as well. 
- Michele Christensen
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