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Sobol Swell Spot by Solaris
The Sobol Swell Spot was designed by Maria Sobol, PT, CLT-LANA, to address post-mastectomy fibrotic tissue on the chest wall, especially that which is due to radiation or surgical incision scarring. A Sobol Swell Spot can be placed in a sports bra to position and add compression. Therapists report that the Sobol Spot is ideal for the hip, anterior-posterior knee, and the abdomen when used under bandages or compression garments.
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Small Single Pad 18cm diameter
Large Single Pad 23cm diameter
 After requesting this item to be made, I am so delighted to use it. It is SO much more comfortable that the "shoulder" swell spot I had been using (at PT's recommendation) for the edema in breast after surgery & radiation. It fits in the sports bra and doesn't stick out weirdly. I was covering up with jackets or vests. I am a satisfied customer. Thank you! 
- Elizabeth G. Niewiarowski
 Definitely helps with with my edema. So glad it is available. 
- Elizabeth G. Niewiarowski
 Very happy with the smaller size. Still fits into the sports bra and works well. Very comfortable. So happy to have these. 
- Elizabeth G. Niewiarowski
 Love it! 
- Mrs. Vickie L. Houseal
 Works very well 
- Mrs Karen E Davis
 Very soft and comfortable - conforms easily to your breast 
- Mrs. Louise Houck
 This amazing piece of upholstery really decreased my breast lymphedema swelling. My lymphedema physical therapy specialist recommended that I were it tucked into a stretchy bra at night. 
- Michelle Morrell Morrell
 I am using this for my forearm, and works really well inside a loose sleeve. 
- Pat Styers
 My therapist recommended this product for the edema I had in my breast after undergoing a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. It must be worn with a sports bra or something snug enough to allow the "channels" in the Swell Spot to work. I just wear it at night and it has work wonderfully. It's extremely comfortable and very well made. It amazes me that such a passive treatment works so well and I highly recommend this product. 
- Susan Michel
 Fits well and has reduced my lymphedema. 
- Catharine Braatvedt
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