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Sigvaris Performance Leg Sleeves


Sigvaris Performance Leg Sleeves by Sigvaris
The Performance Leg Sleeves from Sigvaris combine comfort and compression to provide its wearers with a range of benefits. The Performance Leg Sleeves help: (1) increase circulation and improve blood flow; (2) increase oxygen levels in muscle tissue; (3) decrease lactic acid buildup and ease sore muscles; (4) improve energy and recovery while reducing cramps and shin splints; (5) are latex-free and won't deteriorate in salt water, chlorine, or fresh water
Available Colors
This product has 7 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Leg Sleeves - pair
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Product Options: Pink and Purple NOT Available in X-Large
 The leg sleeves really help when I am driving. I often wear them at other times when I need a little extra support. I wish that XL came in pink and purple! 
- Mary M Neikirk
 I did purchased the size by your measurements but I think I will need the next size up. 
- Joyce Ziebarth
 Work great. Easy to get on but still have good compression. 
- Clois Engelkes Engelkes
 I love them, but they can be found cheaper elsewhere 
- Maribeth Serum
 Great product for extra compression. 
- Carol S Hamel
 These leg sleeves are easy to put on, are comfortable, and support my legs well during exercise. And I like that they are red! 
- Mary M Neikirk
 The real deal, more support than the 'sports' sleeves I've tried from my local sporting good store. I would encourage buy two sizes and try them for a few month to 'find' your true size. Measuring got me into the ballpark. And the weather pushes me into the next size up, Summer I swell more. Machine washing in a laundry bag & air drying is the easiest for cleaning & maintaining the sleeves. 
- Sandra Day E Day
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