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Doff N' Donner Cone


Doff N' Donner Cone by Sigvaris
The Cone acts as a loading device and makes it easy to roll compression garments onto the Doff N' Donner. The base has suction built into the bottom and will firmly attach to most clean, flat surfaces. The Cone is an optional addition to the Doff N' Donner and makes preparing to use the Doff N' Donner even easier.
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Garment Donning and Doffing Aid 
 In my last review I meant to mention that it does not really stick to the tabletop well. The suction cup on the bottom doesn't work well. 
- Dr. Beata Chapman
 Makes putting on heavy compression socks a breeze. 
- Dr. Beata Chapman
 Good product it works 
- Walter Casto
 The cone really makes a difference in getting your socks ready to put on using the Doff n Donner. It makes it really easy to attach your sock to the Doff n Donner, roll it back up, and you're ready to put your sock on. The suction cup doesn't always work, but I think its really a case of me learning how to use it properly. 
- Judy Janeck
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