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Sigvaris Complete Liner


Sigvaris Complete Liner by Sigvaris
These innovative Complete Liners by Sigvaris provide 15 mmHg compression from the base of toes to mid-calf. Woven with ionized silver yarn, this liner naturally fights bacteria making it perfect for anyone with skin injuries, ulcers or open wounds. DriRelease fiber technology helps wick moisture away from the skin and prevent odor, while the design of the cushioned heel and flat toe seams provide the ultimate fit that is comfortably all day long. The Complete Liner features: (1) 15 mmHg compression from the base of toes to mid-calf; (2) DriRelease technology to wick moisture from the skin and kill odor causing bacteria; (3) Woven ionized silver yarns to stop bacterial growth; (4) Cushioned heel and flat toe seams for all day comfort and fit
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15 mmHg Compression
Pair 15 mmHg
 Already seeing some improvement after less than two weeks! It is very comfortable and in my case, easy to use with assistance. 
- Dr Alfred R Dangelo
 gives more leg support than standard liner. 
- Richard Bammel
 very comfortable fit. Just what I needed for under my compression garments. 
- Jeanne P Maack
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