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Sigvaris Basic Liner


Sigvaris Basic Liner by Sigvaris
These soft, bacteriostatic knee-high liners are non-compressive and can be worn under all types of compression wraps. Sigvaris Basic Liners feature a flat seam design with woven DriRelease fiber technology for moisture wicking and odor control. One size fits all comfortably for everyday wear.
This product has 29 reviews.
Pack of 10 Pairs 
 I have size 14 feet. But even I order size 17 socks they feet to tight These feel very comfortable. 
- Tom L Ault
 Best feeling omg my legs in years. 
- Gloria Poulton
 Will definitely order again. 
- Patricia Hashagen
 Very comfortable. Excellent and quick service. 
- Patricia Hashagen
 These liners stockings are not only comfortable, but well made. I use them when I do my Normatec Lymphedema machine. Keep making quality products like the liners! 
- Kathy A Cobb
- Mrs Barbara G Defrin
 I had ordered these socks when I ordered wraps. I liked them so much I ordered two more sets. 
- Diane Bubel
 Soft, warm, and thick weave: these are great for keeping your feet warm when compared to other silver socks, but know that the weave in these is a little larger which might be irritating to the skin of some when worn under a compression garment. I find it makes a nice change of pace when used in conjunction with my other special socks. 
- Commodore Chandler
 Comfortable and so far problems 
- Cecilia M Oconnor
 This liner is soft and flexible, extremely important since my husband has tender feet and needs liners for his wraps. We tried other liners but most are elasticized, could provide compression without the wrap, and are too tight to get over his feet. The dozen-plus pairs of compression hose and regular socks that didn't pass the test will go to a nearby retirement community that allows donation of opened, but unused products. 
- Kathleen Larson Larson
 My husband says they are very comfortable. They launder were. They are soft and easy to apply. They are nice and long which accommodates his wraps well. They last a long time. 
- Mrs Martha S Hammett
 These liners are soft on the skin. They launder beautifully. They fit very well, and my husband is a large man. I would certainly order them repeatedly since he will need them for many years. 
- Mrs Martha S Hammett
 These socks are just what I have been looking for. They fit great, keep me warm, and are very comfortable as well as easy to put on. 
- Joanne Grabowski
 Great socks! 
- Karen Lancour
 veary good 
- Leo-paul Leblanc
- Linda Passon
 I love these they are so soft and provide breathable warmth. 
- Ms Susan J Smith
 This is the first time I've gotten these and I love them. They are so comfortable.They make my legs feel even more supported. 
- Gloria Poulton
 These socks are soft and comfortable. They are used to protect my skin from the neoprene like fabric of the velcro wraps that I must wear day and night. They wash easily. They were delivered quickly. I will reorder from this company for sure. 
- Lin F Mccauley
 Fits well and Is very comfortable. Also washes well. 
- Mr. Richard A. Nuzzo
 great !!!! 
- Ronnie Jackson Jackson
 These socks are great and very comfortable. I wish they were available in black. 
- Sally Castiglione
 Does what it is supposed to, at reasonable cost. They were shipped quickly and they fit. Comfortable and easy to take care of. 
- Stephen Fleming
 These liners are the best that i have used. They do not sliy down and di not wrinkle anywhere. I think that they have enough stretch to fit most people. The only negative might be is the they are a little warm. They stand up very well to washing in the washing machine set on delicate. I will buy ore, 
- Sheila R Lang
 They are comfortable and fit great . 
- Mrs Sue K Gunter
 Found Sigvaris Liners to be more durable and less expensive than other popular brands. 
- Mr Thomas Blasi
 Love 'em! So soft and comfortable under wraps. And with the added bonus of antibacterial silver. 
- Mrs Carole D Hargraves Hargraves
 I bought these for a friend with lymphedema. They're her favourites. 
- David Niknejad
 Very soft and stretchy! I'll be buying more for my dad. 
- Victoria Kay Whipple
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