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Sigvaris Advance Combined Arm Sleeve & Gauntlet


Sigvaris Advance Combined Arm Sleeve & Gauntlet by Sigvaris
The Advance Armsleeve was developed by Sigvaris with the help of patients and clinicians to create a garment that meets medical efficacy standards and exceeds expectations. Compression garments have long been used in the treatment of lymphedema, but in the past, patients struggled with compliance due to lack of comfort and improper fit. With comfort in mind, the Sigvaris research and development team has created a new product that ensures compliance and patient comfort. In fact, it's already been very well received in other countries around the world. The Advance Armsleeve combines the latest fabric technologies with a breathable top band for enhanced comfort making it a leading treatment choice for patients with lymphedema worldwide. The Advance Armsleeve features: (1) a Sensinnov® grip-top to help keep the armsleeve in place without damaging the fragile skin of the upper arm; (2) thermal control & moisture-wicking properties to enhance comfort for year round wear; (3) silver ions to help maintain skin hygiene; (4) availablility in Regular and Long lengths; (5) a Plus size option for the upper mid-arm

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.
Available Colors
This product has 20 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve w/Attached Gauntlet
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Product Options: Plus Size Option NOT Available in Size Small
 I have been wearing this sleeve for many years. It is comfortable and easy to care for. Your company has always provided excellent service. 
- Nancy Conine
 I have tried all the different brands of arms sleeves and the Sigvaris is the best! They come in different lengths and the best part is that they also come with a larger upper arm size if needed. So if you wear a small or medium in the wrist you can get a large in the upper arm, this is a huge benefit!! I don't believe any other brand offers this. In addition, the silicone band is so comfortable I sometimes forget I'm wearing the sleeves. I have very sensitive skin and most of the silicone tops start itching after a bit, but with the Sigvaris I can wear them without any issues! I have whole body lymphedema so I have to wear compression from the neck down, Sigvaris has made it much more comfortable! 
- Flo A Wells
 I drove 30 miles for my first sleeve, then I was given your web site. Much more convenient and less expensive. I'm a believer. 
- Mrs Sandra L. Huffman
 Love this. I found it easy to put on, it stays in place, and it is so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing it. 
- Susan Bartlett
 Best one I ever bought. It breathes! Much cooler to wear 
- Nicole Beggs
 Really liked this sleeve. Fit was good. 
- Timothy M Boudreaux
 If you have to wear one....this is the sleeve that my doctor recommended. It's very high quality, and though hardly skin toned, I can wear it with anything. 
- Elizabeth C Wright
 I gave it to my sister who has breast cancer. She is wearing it and loving it. I sent this in Philippines, where my sister lives. I recommended this product to my sister in law that her Aunt needed this. 
- Mrs Cynthia C Giron
 Best sleeve so far Stays in place and is very comfortable all day. 
- Bonnie Graves
 Perfect fit stays in place does exactly what it should 
- Mrs Carolyn S Goins
 Stays in place. Material is strong. 
- Helen Ondry
 Does an excellent job for me 
- Mrs Joyce Evelyn Kelley
 Great Quality 
- Mr Fred J Gregory Jr
 Have worn!ed it for years ^ it is so much easier than the wrapping ! 
- Mrs Deborah C Aziz Mrs
 Great product!! 
- Betty Pitoby
 My arm is very comfortable in my sleeve and it stays in place! 
- Mrs Sandy L Marut
 It is equal to the one I purchased at a pharmacy and both less expensive and way more convenient as it was delivered to my door. 
- Mrs Sandra L. Huffman
 It is exactly what I was expecting! 
- Gregory Laine
 Great product that retains its elastic firmness for nearly a year even with nightly washing and drying. Highly recommend this arm compression product. 
- William Granger Granger
 It fits well with no wrinkling at the upper or lower edges.The upper band also lays flat and is comfortable. This was my first purchase of this brand and it fits Better than the other brands. Too Bad it only comes in beige or black- 
- Judith Dennis
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