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Reynolds Swell Spot


Reynolds Swell Spot by Solaris
The Reynolds Swell Spot's unique design offers several different solutions for head and neck swelling. The strap is constructed with hook and loop fastener receptive material allowing it to be placed in multiple locations for maximum adjustability.
This product has 4 reviews.
Single Pad 16.5cm x 7.5cm
 It works great. 
- Mr Arthur J. Hatzenbeller
 The neck wrap has helped lessen the swelling. The design and size make it easy to carry with you. 
- Victoria T Maddox
 A little complicated to use but very useful 
- Virginia Willis
 I have to congratulate and thank for the lymphedema product! You can't imagine how it is helping me! No problem to use it the whole night ,I sleep very well. I almost have no more swelling on my chin. Great result! Thanks!! 
- Teodora Nogueira
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