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ReadyWrap Full Leg Set


ReadyWrap Full Leg Set by Solaris
The ReadyWrap Full Leg Set includes the ReadyWrap Foot, ReadyWrap Calf, ReadyWrap Knee, and ReadyWrap Thigh to create a full leg ReadyWrap solution.
This product has 20 reviews.
Adjustable Compression
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Compression: Adjustable
 This wrap is well made and easy to apply. I have had it a few weeks now and it has helped my leggan awful lot. 
- Mr James Spinella
 I loved this product it works well. 
- Mrs Jacqueline D Lott
 They are great easy to put on very comfortable. 
- Lona Hedrick
 So much easier to use than all the bandages and wraps I had to use before. 
- Wanda Yeatter
 Easier to apply compared to single wraps. When compression needs to be tightened, it is easy to open and close. Even with arthritis, I can apply these wraps myself. 
- Lorraine Bostwick
 Helps keep swelling down and is so easy to use. 
- Laurie Morganteen
 very comfortable one complaint is I only have 2 good black stockings the other is full of big and wide runners 
- Llinda E Dworchak
 very comfortable as well the black stocking is great as well one complaint is i only have 2 of them 1 of them has huge runners in them 
- Llinda E Dworchak
- Larry L Wheeler
 This has proven to be much easier than bandage wraps, & after practicing, it gets easier & quicker to apply. I have osteoporosis & arthritis, so needed something that I can use at home as a caregiver to my husband on a daily basis. I did have to add some flannel pieces & material over the shin & below the knee to keep the wraps from causing redness or a cutting feeling, but with a little tweaking worked out fine. I highly recommend this product. His Lymphedema has not only been lessened, but is being maintained nicely with these wraps. 
- Linda Andrusko
 The wraps are so much easier to use than foam and stretch bandages. So far they are working well. I did have to exchange the foot piece because it was way too large. Overall, I love them. 
- Sharon D Grycell Grycell
 Well made. 
- Susan Schwibner
 I use the ready wrap set for nighttime support and on days that I need more relief from discomfort. 99% of the time day time I use the compression hoses but like having the wraps as back up. 
- Linda Joyce
 Love the ready-wraps. They feel so much better than compression hose and really easy to put on. I have been using them for 2 days now and already see better results than with bandages. 
- Christine Lovett
 It is an outstanding product that gives me a major break from wrapping while removing the swelling as I sleep. I just brought it with me on an international trip and it made my life so much simplier. 
- Barbara A Peat
 I love this wrap! I've used the bandages periodically for 20 years. I found it difficult to have the time to use them on a regular basis. Both applying them and then rerolling them took forever! I'm wearing the ready wrap now. It literally took less than 5 minutes to put on, and removal is about a minute! I'm so happy to have found out about the ReadyWrap! 
- Carol Majchrzak
- Richard M Walrath 11
 I'm happy with the ready wrap full leg. It's easy to put on and take off. So far my leg swelling is controlled. The foot wraps don't seem to be as tight. I am having to wrap my feet with ace bandages before I use the foot wraps. 
- Golda L Mellon
 I had a stroke which affected my right side and it is my right leg that I have the fluid in which makes it impossible for me to put compression hose on. So my wife tried to help me don them which was almost impossible but this leg wrap goes on quickly and no wrinkles and with little effort. Thank-you for making such a great product. 
- Robert J Mcmurray Jr Mcmurray J
 The ReadyWrap has really saved me so much time and works great! I use to spend 30 minutes wrapping my right leg due to lymphedema and now in five minutes I can have my ReadyWrap on it works as well or better then bandage wrapping! Make sure to measure correctly and you will be all set. Thank you Solaris! 
- Mrs. Susan P. Smith
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