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ReadyWrap Foot


ReadyWrap Foot by Solaris
The ReadyWrap Foot features a simple two-strap design that fits into most shoes and allows for easier donning. Left and right specific designs enhance contouring. It is the perfect alternative for patients who have difficulty donning elastic stockings or whose skin may be compromised by shear forces. Like all Solaris ReadyWraps, the low stretch material provides a low resting/high working pressure similar to industry standard short-stretch bandaging. A ReadyWrap liner is included.
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Adjustable Compression
Medical Binder
Compression: Adjustable
 The ready Wrap products By Solaris are great. I need to wear a complete left leg wrap 24/7 and replace the three components regularly. Choose USPS delivery at the check out menu for the most economical, yet surprisingly fast delivery. 
- James Rudinski
 Excellent product for the lymphedema in feet. I also suffer from weak ankles and this product also helps support and stablize them as well. Thank you for this wonderful product. 
- Mrs Julie T Sanchez
 Easy to apply and fits well. 
- Nan Lindsley-griffin
 the best wrap ever! does what is meant to do! great service too! Thank you Al B 
- Allen G Buckalew
 Very good the agent was also good. 
- Alice Hernandez
 I loved the right foot but the left foot was to large. 
- Mrs Jacqueline D Lott
 great product very easy to use. have been able tolerate leaving on for most of time. helps keep swelling down. 
- Miss Dorothy E Brown
 Easy to put on, good price 
- Kevin R Ames
 This product does what it is supposed to do. It is easy to keep on and keeps my foot from a large amount of swelling. It is also easy to wear at night. 
- Althea Farley
 Love my ready wrap! 
- Mrs Darilyn R Tamburini
 very effective and comfortable 
- Diane Young
- Diane Young
 Relieves foot/ankle fatigue. Easily cleaned. Velcro does lose its grip after a year or two. Picking out lint helps. 
- Rob Glass
 does what it advertised to do. 
- Ms Edith Bowie
 Excellent durable product 
- Mrs. Edith M. Bowie
 The ReadyWrap by Solaris is absolutely the most patient & consumer friendly compression splint on the market. It's primary advantage is in the ease of application and the consistency of maintaining the necessary sequential compression gradient to reduce lymphedema. 
- Erwin Juda
 Good value and very nice support/compression for ankles that puff up in compression stockings 
- Rebekah Fox
 For most of my patients who have lower extremity lymphedema, the foot piece goes with the calf piece. Great quality and good fitting for an OTC compression wrap. I really appreciate how it helps my patients to remain at their lowest level of lymphedema over a long time without need to seek further therapy services after they have finished the course. Appreciate the company doing a good job with the products and keeping the prices affordable. 
- Rebekah Fox
 I was having problems keeping my wraps on and this has been a great answer. 
- Ms. Gail Myntti
- Richard Wampler
 Been using these for about 2 years. The Velcro does wear out so they need replacing every so often. Great replacement 
- Jeffrey Wojtanowski
 Makes getting ready for the day much easier. 
- Mr. Kenneth H Hirzel
 Easy to put on and is effective. 
- June Leathers
 great product 
- Kevin V Heins
- Beverly Wendelburg
 Stays on neatly and not too slippery to walk on. Very happy with them. 
- Lynda Eriksen
 I have a very weak ankle...this wrap has reduced the edema. I can wear this wrap for extended periods of time with no discomfort. It has made a big difference in my leg health. 
- William M Mason
 The Ready Wraps are so easy to put on instead of compression hose. The swelling goes down within a hour or so. I have the wraps that go from my knees down and the foot wraps also. The service is great and the people are nice and very helpful. This is my second set; because my swelling went down and the wraps got too big, and I had to order a smaller set. I am so thankful that someone finally came up with something like these. 
- Martha A Garland
 great but i should have got one smaller 
- Danny L Mclaughlin Mclaughlin
 I have right side weakness due to a stroke. This foot wrap is a perfect pick to use with my limitations. Keeps the swelling in my foot to a minimum. Easy to use. 
- Becky Millis
 Great product! 
- Shirley L Allen
 I like this foot wrap because it covers the top part of my foot completely but it is too long and goes way past my toes 
- Janice E Kidwell
 Really helps control edema around foot and ankle. Originally purchased for ankle size, but wrap was too big extending past toes. Reordered for correct foot length even though ankle measurement greater than chart size range and fits much better. 
- Margaret Olson
 Well designed and constructed, comfortable and keeps swelling under control. 
- Pamela Sheffield
 Easy to put on. Recommended by lymphedema therapist - great fit great price 
- Darlene C Cota
 What a great find! 
- 87677 Rex
 This piece along with the calf piece have been very instrumental in bringing and maintaining the swelling in my legs! Have used for 2 years with nothing but praises for your product! 
- Jonathan Molengraf
 Excellent ! great seller. 
- Timothy R. Lewison
- Timothy R. Lewison
 Wonderful product. Works like a charm. 
- Timothy M Boyce Sr
 works well at keeping the swelling down 
- Vincent A Weber
 Goes on so easy and helps keep the edema down. Sizes run bigger than stated. 
- Joanne R Fletcher
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