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ReadyWrap Extender Strap


ReadyWrap Extender Strap by Solaris
The ReadyWrap Extender Strap is a great solution for patients who fall outside the standard sizing, but won't benefit from a custom ReadyWrap. Each strap adds 10cm of circumference to a standard ReadyWrap strap. The ReadyWrap Extender Strap works well with the ReadyWrap Calf, ReadyWrap Knee, ReadyWrap Thigh, and ReadyWrap Full Leg.
This product has 4 reviews.
Extender Strap: Single 
Extender Strap: 10-Pack 
 I love my extenders. My Reddi Wraps closed around my legs except for the top one. These extenders solved my problem. Thank you! 
- Barbara A Crowell
 Really holds well and allows us the flexibility to adjust fit. 
- Frankie Ren
 My wrap would sometime pop open because there was just not enough length if my leg swelled even a small amount. The extension is just long enough to give it a good tight hold without having to buy a whole new wrap. 
- Mary A. Adair
 The extensions solved a problem I had been dealing with for quite some time, wish I had known they were available sooner. 
- Mrs June A Grimes
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