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ReadyWrap Calf


ReadyWrap Calf by Solaris
The ReadyWrap Calf provides maximum therapeutic benefits, excellent contouring, and complete comfort. The strapping system mimics the 50% overlap of short-stretch bandaging and reduces shear force pressure when being applied to the limb. Hook and loop fastener placement is designed to minimize strap shifting and enhance ease of donning. Lowstretch materials provide simultaneous low resting/high working pressure maximizing the calf muscle function, especially when exercising or walking. This unit may be worn alone or over the top of compression hosiery. A ReadyWrap liner is included. Every ReadyWrap Calf comes with your choice of a non-compressive liner or a 8-15 mmHg black Fusion liner.
This product has 291 reviews.
Adjustable Compression
Medical Binder
Compression: Adjustable
 Love them easy to put on 
- Ms. Karen Hoag
 I have purchased the Ready Wraps on two other occasions. So far they are working well for the lymphedema in my calf both left and right 
- Karen Sager
 Great product Have recommended it to a few friends already 
- Marylou Schneider
 I have used the Farrow velcro calf wrap for a number of years and I like it. However, I am currently being seen By PT in a lymphedema clinic and they are wrapping my legs to bring them down. Both PTs recommended this Solaris Ready Wrap because they feel the compression is better, and closer to the amount of compression in wrapping. They were wondering if I would be able to put it on myself while sitting up because this wrap has no inner sleeve like the Farrow. However I devised a method where I lightly secure all the felt straps to each other on each side. Then I start pairing the straps at the ankle and work my way up towards the knee. It really isn't much harder to put on than the Farrow. I plan to vary and use both styles. The Solaris has heavier felt straps and the ankle straps are a little tighter than the Farrow. I love both wraps because they make my legs feel better. I also like that they both come in black so they blend in to the black slacks I wear. The Solaris also came with an excellent liner, lightweight so there is no bulky sock to make getting into shoes more difficult. It also was long enough to pull the top over the top of the wrap and fold it. 
- Ellen Garb
 The wrap is of very high quality and so far has performed very well. The most important thing is that it is relieving my condition. Keep up the good work. 
- James W Ward
 i have been using ReadyWraps for several years now. they are some convenient to use. they are comfortable and never pinch. when I was going to wound care the therapist recommended them to their other patients. 
- Kenneth Herring
 My clients really like your readywraps compression, for their legs, I actually have 3 clients that just bought recently this month, the full leg readywraps, from thigh to ankle, and they love how it makes their legs feel good and as your swelling goes down you can change the wrap to fit your legs. I would recommend this type of compression to anyone that needs help with lymphedema or lipedema and you can wear readywrap at night to bed, never compression stockings to bed. 
- Sherrie L Cameron
 My only regret is that I thought I would be getting a pair and only got the one. Had to order the other one. I wish that it had somewhere that it was not a pair. The other I have gotten were in pairs. My therapist had gotten them for me and the cost for a pair was about the same as the single one. 
- Mrs. Daryl V. Olson
 Have worn them for years. Would not worry anything else at this time. Would recommend them to anyone and do. 
- Gloria Poulton
 LOVE THESE WRAPS!!!! I can now wrap myself. My doctor and I see more improvement since wearing these then when I was being wrapped By a professional. I feel so much freer now. As the day goes on and my legs get smaller I can adjust my wraps anywhere very easily. 
- Tara Ann Seifring Canavera
 Easy to apply and fits well. 
- Nan Lindsley-griffin
- Arthur Rebischke
 the best wrap ever! does what is meant to do! great service too! Thank you Al B 
- Allen G Buckalew
 I love this calf wrap. Very light weight, easy to put on and so it effective, making my situation more manageable. 
- Mrs. Adrian C Armes
 I purchased this to replace the one I had for 2 years. get it if you can, easy to put on and off. 
- Michael B Lectora
 This product is a Godsend!!! 
- Aggie Kurzweil
 Very good 
- Alice Hernandez
 I use this for my father and his lower leg swelling is well under control now. Socks and sleeves have been difficult or impossible to get on. These have been a life saver. 
- Romi Archer
 For myselt I thought to try these wraps first instead of using the elastic socks that can be a trial to get on. So far these seems to be working just fine. Only had them four days. 
- Patsy Lutheran
 So easy! The wraps are so easy to use. They eliminate the struggle to put on compression socks/hose. Excellent product. 
- Roberta Tipton
 They truly help not only my legs but my sanity! They take away the struggle of the wraps!! 
- Gale Loving
 i have been using ReadyWraps for several years now. they are some convenient to use. they are comfortable and never pinch. when I was going to wound care the therapist recommended them to their other patients. 
- Kenneth Herring
 i have been wearing these for several years they are fairly easy to put on and remove very comfortable 
- Kenneth Herring
 I have been ReadyWrap products for a year they have made my lymph edema management a breeze. Easy on and off 
- Kenneth Herring
 Excellent product 
- Carmen Rivera
 is great. Customer Service is bad 
- Ms Brenda S Harsha
 This is my second pair and I love how easy to get them on and off is. They wash up nicely and air dry quickly. They also are comfortable and compression is good. 
- Mrs Patricia H Kennedy
 love the wraps, 
- Mrs Marylou Kissane
 I having been using ReadyWrap Calf compression wraps for several years. They are easy to put on and do a great job of keeping my lower limbs from getting swollen. 
- Bev E Maleeff
 I have been wearing Solaris ReadyWrap Calf with hybrid socks for several years. They are comfortable, and provide the right amount of compression for my lower legs. My only request is that the manufacturer would supply beige liners with the beige ReadyWraps. 
- Bev E Maleeff
 I have been wearing Solaris ReadyWraps for several years. They are easy to don and remove, and are very comfortable to wear. 
- Ms Beverly E Maleeff
- William J Spina
 Works well. 
- Edward Hruska
 Works well #9 
- Mrs Brenda J Minter
 Took the swelling down the best. 
- Mrs. Bonnie L. Becicka Becicka
 Great product. 
- Robert Muro
 Easy to use and does what is needed. Thank you for providing this service. 
- Mrs Barbara J Cummins I Cummins I
 The calf ready wraps are so easy to use, especially if you have dexterity issues. I also like that the socks you wear underneath wash so nicely. I was hesitant about them at first, they are a bit pricey, but they are well worth it! 
- Barbara Murphy
 Been using for years. Last 5+ months before the stretch and velcro go. 
- Edward B Ellison
 My therapist recommended this, and I have used it for a short time and I believe I am seeing improvement. 
- Nita M Brower
 These wraps are the easiest to use. They go on easy and come off easy. 
- Bruce Ribolini
 I would rate this product a 5, very easy application, never rides up or down and helps keep the swelling checked. 
- Miss Dorothy E Brown
 These are absolutely the best purchase I made. I have had them for a month now and they have helped tremedously keeping the swelling down so the fibrous tissue can heal. My legs feel good with these wrapes on and I like the fact that you can ajust them. Thanks Bridget 
- Mrs. Bridget A Wilson
- Ms Ledora Alexander
 I manage lower leg lymphedema using the ReadyWrap Calf because I can adjust for my daily need. T too would like the velcro to hold a bit longer but generally the wrap does a great job. 
- Cheryl A Eggen
 I've had a problem with other calf wraps that roll and tourniquet, but not with the Solaris ReadyWrap. This is the most comfortable wrap I've used. The velcro strapping system is different than most but its what makes it so comfortable too. A very good, and ingenious, product for those of us with larger calves who need to be able to adjust to fit our own legs properly. 
- Cheryl A Eggen
 Great product, fits well and is comfortable to wear. 
- Matt Jankowski
 Good fit and quick shipping. Price is comparable to getting from PT office. 
- Kevin R Ames
 This item works like magic. It is easy to put on and I much prefer it to wrapping with cloth. It stays in place for hours. 
- Carol D Cyr Cyr
 Easy to put on and take off. Nice product 
- Carol A Preston
 These wraps may be good for other people, but I have little strength in my hands and I can't get them on by myself. I live alone - it's a real problem. I have two of them in the box they came in - never been opened because they were a trade on size. I don't want them, but am not sure what to do about it. 
- Carolyn R. Bledsoe
 Very easy to put on .... 
- Mrs Carol J Smith
 Works perfectly. Does exactly what I need it to do. Very comfortable, I don't even know it is on. 
- Charles E Burr
 Such a life savor, feels so good I have legs again, i like wearing them 24/7 just wish I could afford more. 
- Dorathea Smith
 keeps leg swelling to a manageable level during the night. 
- Thomas Ford
 The compress stocking were to hard to put on and wouldn't wear them. The wraps were easy and simple to put on. This is my second order. 
- Mr Robert E Werner Sr.
 It helps to keep the swelling down on my leg. Much easier to put on than compression stockings. 
- Mr Robert E Werner Sr.
 After having used seven wraps per leg, this velcro wrap has made my life so much easier and my husband can have the wrap on in less than 5 minutes. If you can, give it a try. 
- Mrs Cynthia C Mcginnis
 The absolute best surgical stocking I ever had in 40 years 
- Mr Tom Flaminio Flaminio
 Ease of use is great 
- Mrs Cynthia L Fultz
 good product and the delivery was day ahead as projected. 
- David A Builes
 Fits well. Good product 
- Kenneth S Roa
 Stays in place. Exerts correct amount of compression. 
- Deb Thomson Thomson
 It has been very good in maintaining the size of my legs, 
- Diana Webb
- Ms Diann Estrada
 Love it! Easy to put on. Provides comfortable compression. 
- Diana Illies
 Easy to put on. Good quality. 
- Dianne Chaney
 Fits well and is easy to wrap around your leg. 
- Joan Schuller
 These wraps are great. So easy to apply and care for . They have reduced the swelling in my husband's leg a lot. 
- Dixie L Lederer
 Love it. Easy to use! 
- Kathryn Watson
 Fits prrfect 
- Doris J Olson Olson
 Works well 
- Doris J Olson
 Wish it could be a little longer. Otherwise I like the product. 
- Doris J Olson
 Very pleased with the product. I hope the velcro lasts 
- Ms Allyson Y Stokes
 They work very well and easy to apply to legs. Would like to have more liner socks. Can you help with that? 
- Leon Nelson
 this is my third pair of these and they do work well for me. I have no trouble putting them on by putting one leg up at a time on my cedar chest. They stay good all day under my slacks so I am happy with them. 
- Mary Casper
 works very well and easy to put on 
- Mrs Mary Casper
 I believe this is the sixth purchase of these garments and they are as advertised. We have the off the shelf products from different pharmacies but was very dissatisfied as they would bunch up in certain area's cutting off blood flow. To this date we have not had that effect with Lymphedema products. We use both the calf wraps and the foot wraps on both left and right sides. 
- Daniel L Eastridge
 I love my ready wrap. Been wearing it for 3 years. 
- Mrs Darilyn R Tamburini
 Excellent service, fast delivery, received as described. 
- Coleen L Yearian
 very effective and comfortable 
- Diane Young
 works great, reduced edema readily 
- Diane Young
 effective in decreasing edema 
- Diane Young
 Relieves leg fatigue. Easily cleaned. Velcro does lose its grip after a year or two. Picking out lint helps. 
- Rob Glass
 Your product is right on. It is doing what it was purchased to alleviate - fluid from my foot and lower leg. 
- Ms Edith Bowie
 Excellent product 
- Mrs. Edith M. Bowie
 well-made compression wrap. Seems to work well 
- Edwin H Blacka
 Love the product! They have greatly helped my legs. 
- Mrs Angela Egge
 it has a major difference in the swelling in my legs 
- Mrs. Ann L Larkin
 These wraps are easy to apply and they do the trick on keeping the lymphodemia at bay. You can wear them throughout the night (not like compression stockings). I love them. I even bought another pair so I can rotate and clean them. 
- Michael P P Keohane
 This is my second pair, it keeps the swelling down. The lymphedema nurse was very happy to see how these compression garments kept the swelling down 
- Eric Verge Verge
 Great for keeping swelling down without having to wrap and wrap and wrap, I am so pleased. 
- Mrs Theresa A Sandoval
 I like this wrap because you can adjust it as swelling goes down in your leg. 
- Mrs Theresa A Sandoval
 continues to be good quality material and long lasting for my patients 
- Rebekah M Fox
 Easy for patients to put on themselves and readjust, Comfortable and flexible 
- Rebekah M Fox
 This fit just perfectly for my patient, who was exceedingly happy with it. Good price and good improvement with lymphedema in a week. 
- Rebekah Fox
 I have ordered this product over and over for my patients who have LE lymphedema at the end of their treatment for managing at home. The product continues to get better over the years as they find little things that don't work as well to change. 
- Rebekah Fox
 Does a great jpb 
- Frank C Dauguste
 Excellent, quality product and fast shipping. 
- Frank Callies
- Joan A Avila
 This has been wonderful as I am able to put them on without any help. They also remain in place. 
- Gail M Dragich
 I love these wraps. They are easy to put on for me and I can control the tightness as the day goes on. 
- Mrs Laurie Galan
 I love my leg wraps. I can tighten them throughout the day as needed. These are less expensive than the ones my therapist ordered for me, and they are the exact same kind. 
- Mrs Laurie Galan
 I haven't been using it long but so far it is great. 
- George D Geer Geer
 I like this wrap. It is much easier to apply than the elastic stockings. My legs are heavy and the stockings always roll and are painful after several hours. The wraps are not and stay in place. 
- Gloria A. Burkhart
 This product is easy to put on and provides plenty of support and pressure on my legs. 
- Mrs Gina Harting
 comfortable & effective 
- Thomas S Bauer Jr
 Very impressed with wraps. So, comfortable that I forget I'm wearing them. 
- Mrs. Glenna M Houser
 I have experienced lymphedema since I was 16 years old. Since I began using this product nearly two years ago, I have been able to maintain a more normal active life, loose 50 pounds and keep it off and have knee surgery on both legs. Of course, I also use the ankle wrap. 
- Carmela N Gomes
 Works as intended. My swelling as gone down. 
- Hank White
 i have lymphedema. I had therapy and the swelling was brought under control. I wore a Jobst custom made sock for several months. They are burdensome for me to take on and off. I tried the ready wrap and it does the job well 
- Hans Marx
 I love this wrap! I just recently purchased a second one. I never thought I would get used to wearing it, but that's why I bought a second one, I hate being without it when I wash one! They are so easy to put on and so easy to adjust the compression that I need!! 
- Jody Schmidt
 Extremely well felt armet. T times when swelling is more intense than day before -- putting them on early in morning and returning to bed is a wonderful feeling.. Also wearing the in concert with easy spirit Remys model is dynamic duo combination. Only wish there were like garments with a zipper with a pull up for those with 'Arthur' presents. 
- Ms Carol F Teufel
 This product worked wonders on my legs. I am almost back to normal. My only problem with them is they came with no instructions on how long to wear them. 
- Bonnie L Hilty
 works great 
- Hank Mcnair
 Works well and are used on many of our patients. 
- Ms. Heather D Nutter
 Just love 
- Ms. Karen Hoag
 Dear Ready Wrap - I developed lymphedema and went to class at Missouri Babtist Hospital to get fitted for wraps. The first set I had were not very good. I don't remember the brand. Then the next technician got me the Ready Wrap large size that I needed at that time. Then she got me the medium size since my swelling went down. Both sets worked well. 
- Mr James A Hubeli
 Great product 
- Thelma E Clagett
 My husband has lymphedema in his legs and this wrap is perfect for him fits well and does the job in keeping some of the swelling down. 
- Mrs Robert Kelly
 I have wearing this product for many years during daytime. I also wear it sometimes at night when I get foot cramps. 
- Janice H Smart
 The product is exactly what we needed. Wasn't sure when we 1st saw the picture. They roll over his calf ward. Fit very well. 
- Mrs Janet M Dashiell
 It is very comfortable and fits me just right. I love that I can take it on and off so easily to make life much easier. 
- Nola Johnson
 Does the job and easy to use. 
- Joseph Gerhard
 Very easy to apply for a senior! 
- James J Rooney
 The Calf Ready Wrap works great because it can be adjusted as needed throughout the day,it keeps the swelling down, & it can be taken off for showering & then put back on. & the Velcro seems to several months before any wear starts to happen. 
- Jeff Heitman Heitman
 very easy to put on..Works like a charm 
- Judith P Michaelson
 I have both lymphedema and lipidema. For me these wraps are life/time savers. When I use traditional wraps it takes me about half an hour per leg. With Ready wraps it takes 5 minutes to achieve the same compression. PJ 
- Phylis Jezyk
- James Killilea
 When you buy these remember to buy one for each leg ! I made an assumption. They work great and are so easy to put on. 
- Arlene Aiken
 Does a good job of keeping swelling in legs to a minimum 
- James D. Need
 It is soooo much easier than trying to wrap your leg. It is comfortable and it can be easily adjusted. Great product! 
- Jeanne M Phillips
 It's very easy to use and feels effective. 
- Jeanne M Phillips
- Jeanne Muller
- Jacklyn E New
 Great to use and very convenient. 
- Mr. Kenneth H Hirzel
 I have arthritus in my hands which makes it difficult to put the compression socks on. These wraps are so easy to use and handle my swelling just as well, if not better, than the compression socks I use. AN 
- Jo Alice Strahl
 they do a good job of keeping my Father legs down. 
- Mr N.ray Jones
 they help to keep the swelling down in my fathers legs. 
- Mr N.ray Jones
 This product works very well and is good replacement for the bandages I was previously wearing. 
- Mrs Joyce Travers
 The ready wraps are so easy to put on and off for my mother and work well on her legs. Very happy with this purchase. By Joni T 
- Joni L Thompto
 I am 81 years old and have vision problems, this product is the first one I have been able to put on without help, it is also very comfortable. 
- Janet I Treglia
 So far so good. Great fit! 
- Juan Cortez
 This product is great. 
- Cory Wade
 After wrapping my legs with the heavier ace wraps, this is so much nicer. 
- Judi Wade
 I have Lymphedema in my lega & we have tried wrapping for years & have found these so my wife doesn't have to wrap my legs. 
- Judi Wade
 This product works really good for me and is easier for me to put on instead of compression stockings and it is necessary for me to wear to keep the swelling down in my leg so my leg doesn't break out in ulcers. 
- June Leathers
 It works well to keep down leg swelling and reduce fluid in legs. Easy to put on and take off. 
- Joseph Vella
 I like this one better than the first one I bought but my extender straps did not come with it like they should have. 
- Karen Ericson
 Very pleased with this product. I wear it all waking hours and now no longer have to go the massage therapist to be wrapped. 
- Karyl Holden
 Very happy with this wrap. 
- Kay Salzwedel Salzwedel
 Very happy with product. 2nd purchase. 
- Kay Salzwedel
 great product 
- Kevin V Heins
 Good product 
- Mr Kenneth G Kantor
 I love this product because it gets the job done without torturing me. I am obese with poor circulation and lymph edema. I sit all day in front of a computer at work. Because of the excessive swelling, I have trouble walking when I get up. Regular compression stockings become like a tourniquet mid -afternoon. With this product I can easily adjust or remove if I so choose. 
- Theresa Arroyo
 They are really helping the swelling in my calves and ankles. 
- Kim R Sudduth
 Easy to put on. And they are comfortable. 
- Karen M Simpson
 Easy to use, comfortable 
- Beverly Wendelburg
 Seems to be doing the job. 
- Linda Delorenzo
 Well designed and effective! I use them nightly after taking off my compression hose. 
- Ms Lisa Ladd-kidder Ladd-kidde
 Well made product that works well. I am glad that I purchased it. 
- Lisa Ladd-kidder Ladd-kidde
 This wrap is the easiest to put on my legs and the compression is adjustable with this wrap depending on how tight you wrap it and if your legs are swollen more or less. 
- Ms Raylene C Lafaire
 Works great for me. Keeps swelling down in my legs and so easy to use. Excellent product! 
- Larry Stallings
 They do what they are supposed to do. Minimum effort easy to adjust. So much better than compression socks. 
- Larry E Chojnowski
 Thank you ! 
- Denise C Dilibero
 Easily applied. Color-co-ordinated tabs take guess-work out of the equation. Good support. 
- Lois A Mcmonnies
 This leg wrap is of good quality. The size is as advertised, and comfortable to wear. 
- Lance B Reed
 Ready wraps are easy to put on by your self and work great 
- Leann Miller
 Been wearing for a few weeks. So far they are doing a good job . Lightweight. Less costly then others I have purchased . 
- Elizabeth Smith
 easy to get on. comfortable.feel like they help. 
- Winifred Harmon
 I have used other types of compression wraps but like this one the best as it can even be put on using only one hand. Plus the material does not feel stiff but is supple. Cleaning is a breeze. 
- Mrs Linda L Brostad
 Love, love, love this wrap. This has changed my pain and size of my leg for the better. I have ordered the knee wrap and thigh wrap. 
- Linda F Lynch
- Linda M Stoltenberg
 So easy to work with and I get great results! 
- Ms Elizabeth Azcona
 Worked out perfect for what I needed 
- Lynda Eriksen
 Easy to put on and is comfortable 
- Laura J Murphy
 I am so glad to be out of the short stretch bandages. Ready-Wrap is wonderful. 
- Loree Fitzgerald
 Excellent product 
- Amanda Drew
 Good quality materials and construction. 
- Lynne Mutchler
 Has greatly reduced the swelling in my legs...they are comfortable to wear and hold up well under constant use. Much better than compression stockings. An excellent product. 
- William M Mason
 I find it's well made and as comfortable as something like this can be. I have had one for quite a number of years for one leg and ordered it again for my other leg . 
- Mrs Madalyn K Pucciarelli
 Excellent product stretchable fabric, also the delivery on time and. 
- Maher F Tadros
 I bought one calf wrap a year or so ago and just decided to buy a second one for my other leg. They are easy to put on and when I have the wrap on, my legs feel comfortable and sort-of safe and secure. I have no problems with them. I highly recommend trying these if you have swelling and discomfort in your legs. 
- Marie Denis
 I thought I already reviewed this but I'll do it again if you wish. I've had the ReadyWrap Calf for a couple months now. I LOVE it. Its soft and comfortable and from the time I put it on the discomfort is alleviated. I use it every day. It keeps my leg from swelling and the skin from itching and tingling. I wear it right over my stretch legging. I'm very much overweight and I have a bit of a problem putting things on because I cannot bend easily at the waist - but this I can do myself by first attaching the top layer which holds the wrap in place just below my knee - while I start at my ankle and work up ( then I can re-adjust the top layer when I get to it ). The Velcro closures make it easy to put on and take off. I'm satisfied and I would recommend that you try it. 
- Ms Marie Denis
 I prefer these to the compression stockings. They are easy to get on & off. 
- Ms Marguerite Knight
 So easy to put on and take off. helping my legs feel so much better. 
- Mrs Betty C Caruthers
 Very happy 
- Mari W Connolly Connolly
 The ready wraps are easy to put on . 
- Marie A Evans Evans
 I really like this product! 
- Marylou Schneider
 Much easier to use than wrapping with bandages. They work great. 
- Misty Harris
 great fit 
- Danny L Mclaughlin Mclaughlin
 It is great and it is of good quality. I have seen positive results in just a few days. 
- Mary A Cornwell
 I have had to wear this type of product for the last three years. This style has been the easiest for my family to use since I have mobility issues. 
- Cheri Stute
 Best I've tried ....stays in place because of better design. Other types need readjusting several times a day. However, be prepared to replace these as you do the other types between 6 month to a year again. 
- Janis V Jackson Jackson
 This is a great product. I wear the wraps every day to help keep the swelling down in my legs. This is the 3rd paid I have had. When they wear out I will order again. Thank you for a great product. 
- Maud A Gassaway
 Excellent product. I wear it over my elastic stocking. It's very comfortable and is easy to wear under slacks. 
- Sharon Abrahams
 well fitted an it works 
- John M Devenney
 working well 
- John M Devenney
 My physical therapist recommended this over compression stockings. I have been so glad I took her advice. I can wear them longer and feel that they do a better job for my Lipedema. 
- Carol A Mcdowell
 This isn't like ever worn. And at this point so you know reason to change. Have shared this with others and will continue to do so. 
- Gloria Poulton
 Love it. Took a couple of days to figure out how to tame the velcro when putting on and removing it. This type of compression device works perfect for me as I have a weak right side due to a stroke and compression socks just were not going to work. 
- Becky Millis
 Velcro is excellent and stays up even when loosened. 
- Mr William H Sadler
 does the job very well 
- Sven N Davidson Mr.
 Ordered another pair - one pair for washing and other to wear. 
- Maurus Jaeb
 They hand wash nicely. 
- Monk Maurus P. Jaeb
 Easiest to use, best results 
- Mrs Mimi Rabois
 I have been using this product for 5-6years and it keeps the edema in my leg at a minimum after my stroke. 
- Marilyn J Johnson
 Great product Ready Wrap is so easy to use and convenient, you can wear them under dress pants as well as exercise wear. 
- Toni Washington
 Outstanding product. 
- Ms Lisa R Mundy
 Love this product ... in the first two weeks of wearing it, my calf reduced just over 3.5 inches, and continues to go down. Very pleased. 
- Nancy W Horne
 Love this product ... in the first two weeks of wearing it, my calf reduced just over 3.5 inches, and continues to go down. Very pleased. 
- Nancy W Horne
 So much easier than regular rapping can do my self and am actually getting better results than I was getting with the raps 
- Nathan Hopkins
 Our products and your people are superb! 
- Mr. Ned Tannebaum
 So much easier than the elastic wraps. Love them. 
- Ms Nellie A Hartnett
 Great product..Excellent service 
- Norman D Harwood
 Something @ my anatomy of huge Vein Malformation caused this compression system to fail me. I purchased this thigh Solaris Ready-wrap at a local brick-and-mortar store.I wanted to be professionally measured rather than measure myself. The "sales consultants" at are so much more than "Sales." They truly know the associated illnesses and understand the product. One "sales agent" in particular is very knowledgeable. So I was directed to her when I was having a serious reaction. No pretense that she is a health professional. She is educated in the field. I am a nurse and ,due to pain, made an impulsive purchase. I hope the manufacterer Solaris reimburses me. It did not perform as it was advertised. I am giving 5 stars for the knowledgeable "sales " staff. The product is apparently wonderful for the lymphedema population. 
- Julieanna
 These wraps are great! My son uses them daily. They are comfortable. 
- Shirley L Allen
 Excellent compression with stretchable fabric. Color coded Velcro fasteners. 
- Shirley L Allen
 Great product! I had severe lymphedema ReadyWrap Calf has helped me control the swelling in my legs. I have several sets. It takes less than a minute to put them on. Great quality! The velcro is very strong and stays closed until I remove them-never have to readjust. They're easy to care for, very comfortable. I could just, go on and on! I have nothing bad to say. You won't regret your purchase. 
- Olivia Bradley
 Works as advertised. Keeps the swelling down. It's better than I expected. 
- Olivia Bradley
 This product took the swelling down more even after my therapy. Highly recommended!!! My therapist was amazed!! 
- Pamela S Overmyer
 I like this wrap I just wish I had ordered the size with six straps instead of 5. 
- Janice E Kidwell
 The material seems softer to the touch than the tan wrap. The tan wrap looks so industrial and plain. 
- Patricia L Qualls
 Works wonders if you use it faithfully 
- Ms Patricia Barry Barry
 Swift delivery even during this season. Packaged Professionally. 
- Ms Patricia Barry Barry
 I love my Solaris ready wraps. I use them on each calf for lymphedema. They are easy to put on. They also stay snug and don't slide down despite walking a great deal. The liners are also a key component that help the wraps work optimally. 
- Patricia Craft
 The wrap is great. Like the stocking better than previous version although wish it wasn't textured. 
- Patricia Craft
 Absolutely love this product!!! So easy to use and saves so much time putting it on my leg. 
- Phyllis Bolie
 Easy to use. Comfortable. Much better than compression socks. 
- Dr. Pedro M. Toro
 Works very well to control edema. Easy to put on and take off. Much better results than compression stockings. 
- Margaret Olson
 Patients love these! So easy to put on. 
- Pauline Jonsson
 Very Comfortable 
- Polly A Richards
 Works exactly as it should 
- Paul P Gilbert
 The wrap is excellent, but was too large for my leg. Other than that, it would have been perfect. I sent it back but have not received my credit as yet because Fed Ex did not put the paper work in the bag, as I had directed, but placed everything in my take home bag with other purchases. 
- Dr. Robert B. Jones
 I am thankful for these wraps as I am not likely to have continued regular wrapping by the original method. These are so much easier to use due to the short time required for application and removal. I had originally tried a product from a different manufacturer but like this brand better. 
- Nancy Ehasz
 Great product! The ReadyWrap is easy quick and easy to use. I also like that it's adjustable. 
- Lori Groff
 Very easy to use good compression 
- Rosanna W Iskander
 Great compression 
- Rosanna W Iskander
 Comfortable. Excellent compression. 
- Mrs Rose M Thomson
 Easy to put on. Recommended by lymphedema therapist. Great fit & price. 
- Darlene C Cota
 Very good 
- Mrs Judith Hyde
 Ingenious design, easy to use and controls the swelling in my leg. 
- Shayna Kudan
 Easy to use. 
- Richard Stuckhardt
 Just perfect. Sizing was just right! 
- Richard Stuckhardt
 This was the first time we used this product and we were pleased at the ease it was to put on. 
- Carol Megy
- Ronald W Holzman
 fits and adjusts well. Comfortable to wear. 
- Ms Sandra F Kanzenbach
 every easy to put on and comfortable. 
- Kathryn K Rivas
 These wraps work out great for my condition. 
- Ms. Shirlene B Buie
 Excellent product that performs as promised. Launders well. Durable. 
- Jean Scott
 Easy to put on / take off. Cleans easily with 'hand' washing and letting hang dry over a plastic hanger or on a towel. They stay on well and do not slip very much, but you will notice a small amount if you do a lot of walking. 
- Sam Fields Jr
 is easy to use and has kept my legs ‚Äúskinny‚Äù. I would recommend this product because you can wrap and unwrap with out assistance. 
- Ms. Shari L. Hanson
 Great product 
- Shari Burdick
- Sharon Rigge
 Easy to use. 
- Sheila M Lovering
 I ordered these for my mom and we are very pleased. They seem to be a little lighter weight than the last pair we had been using. Mom likes them & I like that I am able to wrap her legs a little easier than before. 
- Ms Sharon K Gregory
 My wife uses these every night and finally found something that works for her after knee surgery 
- Lawrence R R Eller Iii
 What a great find! 
- 87677 Rex
 These wraps have really kept down the swelling in my lags! 
- Jonathan Molengraf
- Stephen Spinney Spinney
 Easy to use and very helpful. We could never get stockings on. 
- Delmar A Burdick
 Once I managed to put it on the right way, it has kept the swelling under control 
- Susan E Schoch Ms
 great material, soft and comfortable. EZ to put on. 
- Ms Susan Maccoy
 It is very well made. Can adjust for comfort. Only problem is that you need to get bigger shoes in order to wear them outside the house. Great help for swollen feet. 
- Mrs Susan C Stover
 I bought these for my husband, and he said that these are the best wraps ever. More control. 
- Susan Wodarski
 I have been using this product for almost 2 years. It has done the job it was designed to do. 
- Mr Robert F Guarino
 I just started to use this wrap so I will wait to see how it goes. However, it is well made and is fairly easy to install. Very adjustable for comfort. 
- Mr. Gregory Hekel
 Another useful tool in the battle of lymphedema 
- Theresa J Deflitch
 These are awesome and a lot easier than ace bandages! 
- Mrs. Vicci Terry
 The wrap works well feels good 
- Mrs Olivia V Thomas
 These work great. I get the compression I need and they are easy to install myself. I am so glad I found these wraps. On top of that, they arrived in just a couple days after I ordered them. 
- Mrs. Nancy K. Thayer
 They are so much better to put on than the short stretch wraps and accomplish the same keep the swelling under control. 
- Sharon S Dykes
 Great Works Fine. 5 Stars. 
- Timothy R. Lewison
- Timothy R. Lewison
 Fantastic! This greatly decreases the time it takes to get compression making it more likely to do so regularly. 
- Deanna Neville
 As the caregiver I love Readywraps! They greatly reduce the time it takes to get a good compression as well as allow for quick adjustments as the calf shrinks over time. A regular wrap will just slide off/down and the treatment ends but with these a quick adjustment can be made and the treatment continues. 
- Deanna Neville
 Excellent product 
- Timothy M Boyce Sr
 This item is very easy to use and done a great job at keeping the swaling down 
- Teresa A Magaro
 My recent purchase of your foot and separate leg wrap was just what I needed. I have been fighting with fluid retention and just recently a new physician and their recommendation to a Mayo affiliated physical therapy unit have sent me finally in the right direction. My legs look normal and I mentioned to my husband that I can actually see the bones and veins in my legs and feet. I have better movement - use of my legs and walking is a lot easier. Your products make it possible for me to continue my compression with ease and efficiency. I highly recommend your products - my therapist is extremely please with my progress. Thank you for your product and ease in ordering, and giving me my life back. I can enjoy outings and events with my family. 
- Mrs Mary C Tomlinson
 I love this wrap...I use it over my compression garment & it works at reducing my calf to normal. I quit wrapping since it takes forever & Im not too good at it plus the full leg wrap always starts to slide down on top of making one immobile. This is perfect for doing the same as a wrap but for my trouble area, & works better. 
- Valeri Horne
 works well at keeping the swelling down 
- Vincent A Weber
 I definitely recommend the ReadyWrap Calf. They are a good quality product. However, the liners are too tight to use and I would not recommend them. 
- Bobbie Gunter
 This is working really well, the fit is good, much better than the hose! 
- Veronica M. Pearce
 great product, simple to put on my husbands leg. I struggled with the regular stockings 
- Donna Krystowiak
 works really well 
- George Digregorio
 This is my second pair. I Love this product, much easier to use, and adjust. Worth every penny... 
- Keith C Mckevitt
 The velcro calf wraps are really excellent..... I wear a knee high (15mm HG) compression sock and put the Calf wrap over it.... it really does a good job if you want to keep your legs from swelling and retaining water..... I highly recommend them........ Be patient, it takes several day to get the legs to normal size, it doesn't happen in a day!!!! 
- John J Cienki
 Very helpful product in controlling the swelling in my lower legs. I was worried at first about being able to wear regular long pants when I realized that it had 4 layers of rubberized material (neoprene) around my leg. However, it was not a problem. It also has some stretch to it, so you can adjust the amount of compression. It holds up well. (It lasted 2 years and was still in good condition before I decided to get a replacement.) 
- K H Jeffrey
 This Solaris garment is my choice for lower leg compression. I have tried most of the other choices and considering price, ease of handling and washing, and its durability I prefer solaris for this knee high garment. 
- Jeffrey A Weisberg
 It's really doing the job! Swelling is greatly reduced! 
- Marianne E. Mosher
 This is the best money I've spent. It has helped me with my swollen leg and helps control my Lymphedema. Best part I can do it by myself and not wait on someone to help wrap my leg. 
- Mrs Zelia Mora
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