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ReadyWrap Calf


ReadyWrap Calf by Solaris
The ReadyWrap Calf provides maximum therapeutic benefits, excellent contouring, and complete comfort. The strapping system mimics the 50% overlap of short-stretch bandaging and reduces shear force pressure when being applied to the limb. Hook and loop fastener placement is designed to minimize strap shifting and enhance ease of donning. Lowstretch materials provide simultaneous low resting/high working pressure maximizing the calf muscle function, especially when exercising or walking. This unit may be worn alone or over the top of compression hosiery. A ReadyWrap liner is included. Every ReadyWrap Calf comes with your choice of a non-compressive liner or a 8-15 mmHg black Fusion liner.
Adjustable Compression
Medical Binder
Compression: Adjustable
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