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ReadyWrap Arm by Solaris
The ReadyWrap Arm features a padded wrist and elbow to eliminate compression hot spots and provide additional comfort. The bilateral design contours to both left and right arms. The color-coded hook and loop closures make for easy donning. It features a builtiin liner to allow for easier, one-handed donning and doffing.
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Adjustable Compression
Medical Binder
Compression: Adjustable
 ReadyWrap Arm. Very comfortable to wear for light compression 
- Sharon Griebe
 WOW! This wrap is worth every penny, quick and easy to put on and adjust. Very comfortable to sleep with. Very happy with my decision. 
- Bryan F Hymel
 I purchased the sleeve and after a few try's I was able to put it on and remove it without help. It is very comfortable for day time use plus I have worn it at night instead of wrapping the arm which requires two people. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs it. Thank you Lymphedema Product Co. 
- Nancy D Wheeler
 Seems like a great product my therapist thinks my arm is improving no other products worked this fast. 
- Mrs Patricia Orzano
 Seems like a great product my therapist thinks my arm is improving no other products worked this fast. 
- Mrs Patricia Orzano
 Let me start By saying that my lyphedema is not very bad, so my comments may not apply to someone with severe problems. I have been wrapping my arm, as taught By my lymphedema therapist, with a total of 8 bandages for years. I would rarely wrap during the day, because the bandages were so cumbersome and made my arm stiff and difficult to use. I should have done it every night, but it took 15-30 minutes to complete the process. I'd knit or crochet (or be out partying), and then often be too tired to mess with it. This ReadyWrap Sleeve solves the problem! It is quick and easy to put on, so I wrap my arm more often! It also gives me better mobility while wrapped. At first I was concerned that the compression didn't feel as tight as when I wrap, but I've found that it controls my swelling just as well (maybe even better) with less compression, and therefore more comfort. Sometimes, if I feel I want it tighter than I can make it By putting it on myself, I have my husband fasten the velcro wraps for me. Another person has more leverage using two hands, and can make it tighter. However, you can easily put it on By yourself. The ease of use makes this wrap very accessible at any time. Therefore, I can slip it on whenever I feel my arm is swelling a bit, and keep my lymphedema under much better control. I'm not sure my therapist knows about this product, but I think I'll tell her. It sure beats wrapping every night! 
- Yvonne Townsend
 The Readywrap has been an arm saver! I hated the difficulty of having to wrap my arm and being dependent on someone to help me do the wrapping. With the Readywrap it is so easy to put on every night for sleeping! My arm swelling and pain is under control! 
- Ana L Gonzalez Mrs.
 Size was larger then another product. Next time I will order a smaller size. Thank you for the fast shipping. Very satisfied customer. God Bless you all. 
- Alicia Valdez
 Easy to put on instead of wrapping at night. 
- Margaret Altizer
 I love it, so easy to use it decrease wrap time by 50% 
- Mrs Annette S Ott
 Comfortable and easy to wear 
- Barbara Ozinga
 The straps are shorter then my other one. But it works. 
- Mrs Valerie K Rines
 Easy to use and comfortable. I use it as a nighttime garment and find it works well. 
- Carole O'connor
 Love it, so much easier than the wraps and it works. Easy to put on and take off. You will also need the gauntlet for your hand, otherwise hand will swell. 
- Carolyn J Short
 It's nice being able to wrap my arm myself when I need to. I should have purchased this sooner ! 
- Patricia I Miller
 I use this every night, after using daytime compression sleeve. I was so relieved when my therapist found this for me! This combination of night & day sleeves is working to maintain a lower level of swelling I reached after therapy. I'm hoping it will actually reduce swelling further. It is easy to use, and comfortable. 
- Mrs Robbie Sue Gardiner
 Can put it on without help. 
- Charlotte Brunckhorst
 I love this readywrap sleeve, it's easy to put on and it's comfortable. 
- Gwendolyn Akins
 This wrap has been a godsend for me. I am starting to see the swelling go down to a more comfortable level. The foam in the wrist band prevents the hand from swelling due to lack of circulation at the wrist. Before, even wearing a glove, my hand would swell because the wrist band would not allow the fluid to move out of my hand. 
- Elizabeth L Fank
 I like this product very much. It is so much more manageable than others I have tried. 
- Mrs Joyce P Faulkner
 Love it 
- Karen Knapik
 This is the 3rd type of nighttime garment I have used and it is by far the most comfortable. I have been wearing it every night, all night since I got it about 2 weeks ago. 
- Jane Dufrene
 Easy and quick to don and take off. The size was larger than I expected but with the adjustability it works fine. I like that I can put it on quickly it's comfortable I don't sweat in it. I wear it day or night .Easy to wash. I liked the tip of folding back the Velcro tabs. Fast shipping. 
- Iona Cooley
 I purchased the ready wrap and find it so much more convenient than the ordeal of wrapping. I feel it is just as effective as the wrapping. So happy I stumbled on this information! 
- Janice H Foster
 It is easy to use and very effective. My only complaint is the seam at the upper arm irritates my skin. I've been placing a soft cotton handkerchief there while wearing it to prevent further irritation. 
- Lotus Boss
 So much easier than wrapping. Only negative is that it pinched m skin. My therapist told me to order a basketball sleeve. 
- Mrs Marguerite H Mytholar
 Comfortable to wear and easy to put on every night. 
- Mrs Tamara Rivera
 It's a necessity for me each night to assist in keeping the edema in my arm down. Would not be without it. I have been wearing it for 3yrs. I just wish the inner sleeve was removable for washing. 
- Ms Elizabeth N Fozard
 Thank goodness for this product. .Easy to use by yourself. 
- Ms Elizabeth N Fozard
 It sure beats someone wrapping for you. My problem is my rt arm & unable to wrap. With the ready wrap I can do myself when necessary. I use it in the evening. & for the night 
- Ms Elizabeth N Fozard
 Very satisfied. Made with quality material and easy to apply to arm. 
- Joyce A Matthews
 I was able to get relief the very first night that I used the ReadyWrap Arm. It is so mush easier than self wrapping every night. I wish I had known about this years ago. Thanks to my Physical Therapist who recommended the ReadyWrap to me. Also thanks to Solaris for making this available to those who suffer from lymphedema. 
- Ms Johanne M Palermo
 I love the readywrap because regular compression items don't fit. One size too small next size too big. This goes on with right to snug fit but with the wrap bands I can tighten several times throughout the day. It then slips of with ease. 
- Patricia J Higgins
 Excellent product 
- Mr Robert H Haines
 I have experienced excellent result with the lymphedema arm wrap. so easy to wear. I generally alternate between wrap, KT tape, and compression wrap. I am so glad my lymphedema therapist suggested this item for me. 
- Rebecca Yadav
 I really like this wrap. It's easy to use, fits well and much easier than having to use the bandages. At least I can take this off and put back on by myself. Thank you. 
- Shawn Ahsing-bombard
 I wear it at night and I am pleased with it. 
- Robert Cappello
 GREAT! It is surely better than having to wrap each night and feels the same. I am thankful each time i use it and hope it lasts because it is pricey. 
- Maryelin Foley
 This compression garment works for me. 
- Mrs Pamela Cox
 I love this wrap it has helped me to keep the swelling down in my arm! It's very easy to put on and comfortable to wear. 
- Mrs Victoria A Cicero
 I like it. Better than bandages. 
- Marian L Wilcoxon Wilcoxon
 I have purchased both the sleeve and the ready wrap for my arm. I'm very happy with both products, they are easy to put on and remove with a little practice. It sure beats the compression wrap of the gauze, foam rubber and the bandage to keep the edema under control. 
- Nancy D Wheeler
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