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Pre-Formed Padding

Lymphedema Products prides itself on providing a comprehensive selection of medical compression items to meet every patient's needs. We offer a broad array of products, supplied by diverse manufacturers from around the world. While many companies stock common items, such as compression hosiery or compression sleeves, we carry even highly specialized items for the control of lymphedema and other venous insufficiency conditions.

For example, we offer specialized-function, pre-formed items from manufacturers such as JoViPak, Solaris, Biacare, Lohmann & Rauscher and Juzo. JoViPak alone supplies more than 30 individual pre-formed items, for a variety of special purposes. Examples include the Cleavage Pad, or the Bilateral Post-Mastectomy Pad, to be used in conjunction with mastectomy bras to help cushion and protect sensitive tissues after surgery, and to help encourage proper wound drainage.

Other examples include pre-formed pads designed to fit the back, or palm, of the hand. Made with stitched channels, these items help encourage the re-establishment of blood flow and lymphatic drainage in affected hands when worn under appropriate bandages, gloves or gauntlets.

Still other examples of specialized, pre-formed products include the male genital pad. This item is useful for the treatment of scrotal swelling and/or fibrosis. It helps divert lymphatic fluid away from the testicles and back towards an alternative lymphatic drainage pathway. Used under an appropriate compression garment, this pad provides a welcome degree of additional comfort and protection to an especially sensitive area.

Other manufacturers offer similar items. Biacare, for example, supplies the GeniFit Compression Pad for female or male patients experiencing genital swelling due to any number of conditions or treatments. Although made of breathable mesh, these garments are also available with optional barrier fabrics, when incontinence is a concern.

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