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ComfortPlus Upper Extremity

Peninsula Medical

ComfortPlus Upper Extremity by Peninsula Medical
The ComfortPlus is a slightly more aggressive version of the original Comfort, but still very lightweight and comfortable. It utilizes denser foam and extends to the base of the fingers, where the standard Comfort goes to the wrist, with a separate hand piece. Both of the designs, Comfort and ComfortPlus have slightly different characteristics and each may benefit a patient uniquely depending on their needs. They are lighter and cooler than the ReidSleeve Classic while maintaining the original concept of the ReidSleeve Classic. Simply slip it on for the comforting and consistent pressure you have come to expect from the ReidSleeve Classic. Variable compression is obtained through a unique outer PowerSleeve.

To order this custom-size only product, please call us or click on the "Help Me Order" button below. We will be happy to assist you or your therapist with the ordering process.
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