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OverSleeve BK


OverSleeve BK by Sigvaris
The nylon/Lycra OverSleeve works well with the FoamSleeve to add approximately 10 mmHg of compression. An OverSleeve can also provide a soft, attractive, and economical cover for the CompreSleeve or CompreFit, offering protection and the ability to inexpensively change the garment's color or pattern.
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10 mmHg Compression
Compression: 10 mmHg
 It feels like a hug. I wear it at night with a stretchy sleeve. It does not feel constricting; I just feel gentle pressure, and in the morning the leg looks a bit lumpy (from the pattern of the quilting). But the swelling is way down. It is comfortable. 
- Mrs Joyce A Brown
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