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Oval Swell Spot


Oval Swell Spot by Solaris
Versatile and easy to use, this simple multi-purpose design allows therapists to position the pad in many areas such as the axilla, inside hand splints, along the ulnar aspect of the forearm, and for labia swelling. It is also suitable for any spot that just needs a little more pressure or has a problematic patch of fibrotic tissue. Therapists report that it reduces fibrotic tissue and helps to remodel scars.
This product has 8 reviews.
Single Pad 8cm x 19cm
 this swell spot has helped the swelling go down on the side and bottom part of my affected breast. Fits in well under the compression vest. Good product. 
- Marie J Mcguigan
 Does what it claims. 
- George Tibbits
 Washes and dries quickly. 
- Mrs Bekki L King
 The size is good. You can place it where it is needed 
- Ms Kelly K Ort
 Works well for me under my compression hose. 
- Linda Hugh
 This excellent for scar tissue and radiation pain spots 
- Ms Julia Jones
 Its works great! It helps so much with bringing down the fluids, Thank you 
- Mrs Heidi Sprafka
 It has help so much with my pain and discomfort 
- Claudia S Horton
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