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Open Toe Slippie


Open Toe Slippie by Juzo
The Slippie from Juzo makes donning open-toe stockings effortless. Made from durable TYVEK, the Juzo Slippie donning aid has been specially designed for open-toe compression stockings and pantyhose and is suitable for all foot sizes and leg shapes.
This product has 12 reviews.
Stocking Donning Aid 
 I didn't know about these at first. Threw away the first one thinking it was just advertising or something! However, once I had another and used it, it was wonderful. Easy to take on a trip along with the Juzo pad. 
- Carol Kratch
 I have to put compression hose on my husband daily. It would be so much harder to do without the Open Toe Slippie. Would definitely purchase again. Fast shipping. Great customer service 
- Patricia A Rhoades
 These are essential to my therapy 
- Joe Schomer
 Works great. 
- Dennis W Ermel
 this product is a God send. It is essential for putting on my garment, Makes a world of difference. I ordered a spare one to have on hand...just in case. 
- Ms Nancy N Fifer
 really very good. It works better than the slippies that come with the compression stockings. 
- Mr. Henry Barbanel
 This style and brand has worked the best for me in donning my compression stocking. I have tried two other types of "slippies" and this has been superior to the others, and less expensive. 
- Joyce Mcmahon
 Love this for all my patients to don their own stocking 
- Nancy G Mcewen
 somehow my order got lost ... the rep was very nice and apologized and the items arrived in 3 days via FedEx. Seems like Juzo dropped the ball. 
- Nancy K Renz
 The item makes putting on my support stockings do much easier. 
- Rosalie Duffy
 Makes donning of compression stockings actually easy! 
- Sheila Derman
 your product makes it easier to get the sock started on my feet. thank you for the assist 
- Jeannie Steinwand
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