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Mobiderm Mobilizing Bandage


Mobiderm Mobilizing Bandage by Thuasne
Mobiderm Mobilizing Bandages are comprised of foam cubes encased between two non-woven bandages and designed to be used primarily under reduction phase bandaging. The pressure difference created between the support area of the blocks and the surrounding area stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid, optimizing drainage efficacy. Mobiderm comes in two variations: small block (5x5mm) or big block (15x15mm). Small blocks are better suited for smaller areas such as hands, feet, and breasts. Big blocks are better suited for areas such as arms, legs, or torso.
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Small Block - 5x5mm
10cm x 3m 
Big Block - 15x15mm
10cm x 3m 
 Is working so well under my short stretch bandages that I am ordering another to use for the rest of my leg. I only went just past my knee and I need to cover the thigh as well. 
- Ms. Rachel Bate Bate
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