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Medical Shapewear for Men

Lymphedema Products carries a full selection of medical shapewear for men, from trusted manufacturer, Design Veronique. With so many types and styles to choose from, you're certain to find the medical shapewear or compression garment that fits your body and meets your specific needs. Most are sleeveless garments focused on providing targeted compression in specific areas of the chest, abdomen, or upper back. All garments can be washed in cold water, and should be line dried for best results.

One garment, the Zippered Gluteus model, even lifts and compresses the buttocks. While it's useful as a post-surgical compression garment, especially after cosmetic gluteus implant procedures, it also provides some support and contouring for the buttocks in the absence of any cosmetic surgery. Outfitted with handy side zippers with cotton guard tape, for donning ease, this carefully crafted item provides buttocks augmentation that they'll never know you're wearing.

The Scrotum Support Brief is a medical-grade jockstrap-like apparatus that provides special padding and support for the scrotum, and features easy waistband adjustment with handy hook and loop fastener straps. Unlike an ordinary jockstrap, though, the Scrotum Support Brief also provides coverage for the buttocks. This expertly crafted garment can be worn immediately following surgical procedures in the area, to prevent the migration of edema into the genital area.

Other available products include a Compression Vest, a Zippered Compression Vest with Arms, and even a zippered bodysuit, among others. All are made from breathable, latex-free "Powernet" fabric. It's lightweight and comfortable, and helps keep you cool. Various models of Abdominal garments feature compression panels at the side, making them excellent shapewear selections for men hoping to minimize the appearance of "love handles."

These garments are also appropriate for post-surgical recovery from procedures in the chest area. Another model, the Zippered Above-Knee Abdominal Garment, focuses compression onto the abdominal area, for flattening and support of the tummy. Suitable for use after surgical procedures on the abdomen, flank, hip, or thigh, this garment also serves as excellent shapewear to help you achieve a more pleasing silhouette.

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