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Medi Stocking Detergent


Medi Stocking Detergent by Medi
Medi Stocking Detergent is specially formulated to clean compression stockings and sleeves. Using the wash every day can help protect compression garments. The organic and biodegradable solution thoroughly cleans the compression fibers from the daily accumulation of perspiration and body oils. By properly cleaning garments daily, the compression fibers are restored and the life of the the garment is extended.
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Individual Pieces
16oz Bottle 
16oz Bottle - case (12 pieces)
 Works and does what its says it does. 
- Dirk Becker
 Very good product. Just add a few capfuls depending on the # of items you are cleaning and soak for a while. Rinse and hang to dry. Does a good job and my compression garments have keep their shape. Like it a lot. 
- Mrs. Gay-ann Draper Draper
 cleans my compression sleeve and last a long time. Just 1 or 2 capfuls is all you need. 
- Mrs Rachel B Boone
 Very good. 
- Mr Howard Dail
 This product does what is claims to do!!! Really works great for the waist high as well as the knee high compression hose. Couldn't ask for a better way to keep our hose clean and fresh. Thank you. :) 
- Janice D Reed
 Still very good. 
- Mrs Marsha B Maxwell
 I still think this product does a good job! 
- Mrs Marsha B Maxwell
 I think it does a good job! 
- Mrs Marsha B Maxwell
 Used on sleeves that I had previously purchased to prolong the life and effectiveness. It really works well. I have extended the life on my first sleeve for a little while longer. 
- Carol Ware
 I'm satisfied with this product. Peace of mind knowing I taking good care of my rather expensive lymph edema products. 
- Peggy Post
 Excellent says it all. 
- Carol Quincey
 Great price for the amount you get. 
- Mrs Tammy A Zukoski
 It works good! 
- Mrs. Catherine Roche R
 I have always wondered what to wash my product with. I am so pleased to have found this product. It works great. 
- Dionie Tolman
 Love this product 
- Bonnie A Iversen
 I was very pleasantly surprised. I ordered this just because I hoped something would take good care of expensive stockings. It does. I do not know the science, but it seems to clean the stockings with a small cap full and then rinse out more easily, and that is a great combination. 
- Gail H H Wilson
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