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Mediven Harmony Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Top Band


Mediven Harmony Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Top Band by Medi
Designed to treat primary and secondary lymphedema, the Medi Harmony arm sleeve raises the standard in circular knit arm sleeves by perfectly balancing efficiency and comfort without the use of latex. The Harmony arm sleeve is designed with a unique fabric that is soft to the touch, clinically effective, and easy to apply and maintain. This new design incorporates a double ellipse in the crease and point of the elbow to ensure maximum comfort and movement. The Harmony line features: (1) 8 off-the-shelf sizes plus 8 extra wide variants; (2) seamless, soft, and attractive fiber for the perfect fit; (3) Clima Comfort to keep skin comfortable all year round; (4) a double ellipse design that offers improved freedom of movement; (5) a 6 month guarantee

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.
Available Colors
This product has 191 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Top Band
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
30-40 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Top Band
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
 Much better than my first sleeve which is much thicker, heavier and "hotter". 
- Virginia Mikolajczak
 Thin garment yet good compression, light weight so it’s not as hot as the heavier ones for the summer. Fast delivery as well. 
- Mrs Janet Wimsatt
 Great product Fast shipping 
- Deborah Schroeder
 I have bought quite a few sleeves over the past few years. This is the product that I find I wear most often. I like it in black. Perhaps it is my imagination that it does two things: makes my arm look a bit smaller....and looks more athletic and less medicinal. 
- Mrs Marsha H Moses
 An excellent product. It is comfortable, stays in place without rolling and is flexible at the elbow, which I need. If suggestions are welcome, I would like a lighter fabric for hot weather, and a matching ,seamless glove. 
- Lenore Weiss
 Great fit, the elbow ellipse is just what I needed. Very comfortable knit fabric that's relatively easy to put on and feels comfortable all day, in fact I ordered two more after the first one was so good. 
- Donna Janzen
 fits well and stays put. 
- Andrianna E Smyrnioti
 Excellent fit, great product 
- Shelly L Albro
 the silicone top band makes all the difference! The sleeve no longer slips down my arm! 
- Franklin A Spinney
 Work's very well. Will order again. This is the second one I have ordered, 
- Peggy J Hensley
 The sleeve is great 
- Peggy J Hensley
 Fits nicely, and compression is just right. 
- Mrs Barbara J Hibner
 Thanks for all the help your staff gave me.They were great. I have been using these arm sleeves for about 15 yrs. They are a big help keeping my arm from getting large also keeps down infection. 
- Barbara K. Owens
 perfect fit and the silicone band does not require any adhesive product 
- Mr. Anthony Mancini
 Love the Medi brand. Have tried orher brands. Like Medi the brst 
- Terry Beisel Beisel
 Mediven is a comfortable fit even when exercising. 
- Roseann Benson
 I have used this product for over two years, it is a good supplement to wear during the day. I have a regular twice a day regime to care for my lymphedema using a hand massage technique, an electric pump apparatus, and I wear my arm wrapped at night. The Mediven Harmony sleeve keeps my arm ready for my other routines. I definitely recommend the sleeve. 
- Beth Bolte
 Have wore and laundered both sleeves and am very satisfied. 
- Beth Bolte
 fits perfectly and comfortable 
- Betty Amison
 fits perfectly and comfortable 
- Betty Amison
 very pleased it is very comfortable 
- Betty Amison
 Good fit - I wear daily while working out -meets my needs- 
- Alexis K Smith
 the lighter weight CCL1 both II and III are perfect, but this time I also tried the CCL2 in ll but it is tooo long and tight!! I bruised my arm trying to get it on --would not get it again, but love the CCL1's 
- Dr Barbara A Pollinger
 Comfortable sleeve and stays put. I have one in flesh and black! 
- Suzanne Burke Suzanne Burke
 Good fit. 
- Carolyn A Howard
 Great fit. Comfortable. 
- Carolyn A Howard
 Comfortable fit. 
- Carolyn A Howard
 The sleeve is comfortable and lasts a long time. 
- Cathy Lee
 The product works very well for moderate lymphedema, and it's very comfortable. The silicone band helps to keep the sleeve up all day. 
- Cathy Lee
 I've been wearing this type of sleeve for years and I've never had any problems. 
- Cathy M Lee
 The sleeve is comfortable and it provides the right amount of compression. I like the color. It was shipped promptly. 
- Cathy M Lee
 This sleeve provides plenty of compression, and the silicone band keeps the sleeve from sliding down. 
- Cathy M Lee
 Best sleeve. Really contains my swelling and comfortable to wear. 
- Cynthia Andrews
 Works great! 
- Catherine E Peterson Peterson
 I've tried other compression sleeves and this one is my favorite. I purchase one in sand and one in black every 6 months. I ordered once incorrectly and received sleeves that did not have the silicone dots at the top and they just did not stay in place so I'm very careful to order this one. The sleeves that have designs on them are fun but these are my go to for everyday wear. Thanks. 
- Carlene L Faerber
 Works very well, it is comfortable and breathable fabric. This is my second one by the same manufacturer. I did try another brand in between, but even though it was softer, it stretched out too quickly. 
- Carolyn Widomski
 It was a very good fit to the measurements my therapist gave me and it is a fabric that breathes so it is comfortable to wear and not sweat. It does stay put and does not slide. Been wearing daily and take off at night. 
- Carolyn Widomski
 The sleeve keeps its shape and does an excellant job of keeping the lymphadema in check. 
- Cynthia Skoczylas
 Very good quality garment. 
- Arlene Schrotenboer
 I have used this particular sleeve for several years now and love the style and comfort that other sleeves have not provided. My number 1 choice for lymphedema sleeves. 
- Deborah Iversen
 Love my new sleeve. Will be ordering more. 
- Diane Campen
 My size 6 sleeve fits perfectly and is keeping my lymphodema in check 
- Deborah Furlone
- Mrs.ce Joyce I Matte
 This is my fourth sleeve purchased. I like the quality. 
- Linda Knewtson
 Both working well for me, bought them and then had my therapist see that they fit correctly. They do what they are suppose to do . 
- Debra Leahy
 I have been using armsleeves with attached gauntlet and wanted an arm sleeve in a larger size. This was a wise purchase. It works well, is comfortable, supports my arm, and is exactly what I needed. 
- Donald R Brummitt
 The Mediven Harmony Arm sleeve which I just purchased, and the Harmony combination Arm Sleeve and gauntlet, both with the silicon Top Band are terrific products. They last longer, don't seem to snag or run or stretch out like the old products, and do a very good job of containing my lymphedema. I am so glad I have discovered Lymphedema Products. One break that could be given to us as specials, is to be more consistent with free shipping. They weigh nothing. Give them a try. 
- Donald R Brummitt
 Excellent quality. Very comfortable. 
- Elaine Brooks
 I was reluctant to try this new sleeve since I was used to one I wore that was discontinued. I was pleasantly surprised. It is very comfortable and works well. 
- Elizabeth Quinlisk
 Fits great. 
- Ella B Sherrod
 Very comfortable. Elbow "eclipse" make movement easy. Silicone top means no slipping. Only one I wear! 
- Susan L Myers
 I love it. It really helps! 
- Evelyn Meade
 It's the perfect sleeve. I wish they had different colors available the the 3 available. Wearing one is hot enough, but the black one is not good for Oklahoma heat. 
- Katherine A Baxter
 Sized correctly. Manages the lymph fluid; no problems with arm swelling. Very comfortable. Silicone band did not cause a rash. 
- Rose Barnes
 Wonderful fast service. Fit perfectly 
- Fay M Turner
 I ordered this particular sleeve before and was very happy with it. Then when I ordered another type, it wasn't quite what I wanted. Hopefully, I can keep track of this order info as this is much better. 
- Linda A Francis
 Works great to keep the swelling down 
- Mrs Geneva P Miller
 Effective and comfortable! 
- Mrs. Virginia A Liverance
 I love this sleeve. It is comfortable to wear and does the job. It's just difficult to put on by myself. Thankfully my husband helps me. It washes out beautifully and looks great for a long time. 
- Ms Margaret G Hubbard
 This sleeve works Great for me. 
- Mrs Marilyn S Krebs
 I am on my second pair of these arm sleeves. I have lymphedema in both of my arms. I would definitely recommend the Medivan Harmony arm sleeves!!! 
- Harriet Smith
 I like the way this sleeve stays in place. The elbow crease is shaped with fewer rows and the weave softened to stop the irritation that I find with other sleeves. The back of the elbow bulge has likewise increased rows of finer weave to accommodate the elbow bulge. This makes the irritation on the inner elbow less likely and in my case much less. Best of all, it is controlling my lymphedema well, feels comfortable and washes and dries well also. 
- Mrs. Henrietta I Gunderud
 This ia my second purchase of the sleeve. This sleeve fits perfectly. The sleeve is very comfortable. i'm very happy with this sleeve. 
- Nadezhda Solovyeva
- Tonya Howell
 brings relief so I can sleep - the only issue is my upper arm is bulky and the sleeve doesn't go that far - I had a lot of lymp nodes taken on the left side resulting in itching and fluid - is there a longer one 
- Ms Susan L Logsdon
 Thank you so much 
- Jaklin W Mansour
 This one is comfortable.... 
- Mrs Janet M. Galasso
 It is good it is not as heavy as the one I had before but that's ok 
- Janice E Brady
 My needs are simple. I don't wear a compression sleeve all the time, just when doing heavy housework, heavy upper body exercise, or when flying. This sleeve has been fine for me. The silicone band helps a lot. 
- Mrs Jane F Andrew
 very pleased with the sleeve and glove 
- Mrs. Geraldine Burstein
 Sleeve is very well made and comfortable. This brand was recommended by my PT tech. I have another brand sleeve that is very pretty but not as good a sleeve as this. The Mediven Harmony will be the one I order in the future if I need another. 
- Jean B Murray
 Challenging to get on the arm, especially for a Senior- but it definitely helps reduce swelling 
- Jean Ringstaff
 Love this sleeve. Works well. Wear it all the time and holds its shape well. 
- Mary Ego
 I'm enjoying the sleeve. 
- Ms Esther Jewell
 Just what I needed. 
- Janet L Baker
 I have tried other sleeves but for me this brand has been the best! 
- Joanne Guttridge
 The most comfortable sleeve I have tried. Will purchase again. 
- Joanne Guttridge
 I find that the elbow gusset is what makes this sleeve so comfortable. This one is the best I have tried, hands down. 
- Josephine L Citrin
 These are really the most comfortable sleeves I have worn other than a custom one several years ago. I really like the elbow gusset which definitely makes a difference when using my arm. 
- Josephine L Citrin
 Easy to put on. Very comfortable and I can wear it all day without any problem. Cost is reasonable. 
- Mrs Joyce A Simacek
 My arm sleeve is very comfortable and at the right price and great service. 
- Julien Herbelin
 This arm sleeve has a special section that prevents it from creasing at the elbow as wells the silicon band the top that keeps it from rolling down. 
- Ms June Fabre
 This arm sleeve works well and is comfortable 
- Ms June Fabre
 Quality non custom garment; fit is good; prompt delivery! 
- Mrs Janet Wimsatt
 This is my second purchase of the sleeves with the silicone top band. They are wonderful! The sleeve is comfortable and the silicone band helps it stay in place on my upper arm. 
- Karen A Walsko
 I am very happy with the product! The service and attention is amazing! Thanks for everything! Ive been using it for a while and i strongly recommend it!! 
- Mrs Karina R Golberg
 El producto es excelente. Pero deberian crear algo que tome todo el brazo. Se me hincha un poco la zona del hombro al no estar comprimida. Prob√© la manga que se agarra debajo del soutien pero no me gusto. Tengo que usar pegamento porque sino se baja y encima tira el bretel. Prefiero mil veces la que uso. Igual estaria bueno que creen algo tipo camiseta para que tome todo el hombro. 
- Karina R Golberg
 this is my second sleeve like this and it works really well. The top seems to stretch out quicker than my first though. 
- Ms Karon J Andrews Andrews
 I have used this product for several years and find it very satisfactory. It lasts the 6 months it's supposed to last and I haven't ever had trouble with the quality. I find it very comfortable, winter and summer. 
- Ms. Karen M Wilkison
 I have tried other compression sleeves but feel that this one gives me an extra bit of support without being too tight. It's comfortable and the weave seems stronger than other sleeves. I also like the silicone band which is just the right width. This is the sleeve that I will continue to purchase. 
- Ms. Karen M Wilkison
 This is the most comfortable of several brands of sleeves I have tried. I often had irritation at the inner elbow with other sleeves but the gusset on this has eliminated the irritation. The weave is courser and more supportive than some other sleeves, which I find helpful. The only change I would like to see is to have a choice of white or a paler color. 
- Kathryn Singer
 Comfortable fits well and arrived before the given delivery date which worked out well for me. 
- Lystra-ann Lee Sam
 Gives me excellent compression. The silicone band is a must. It helps to keep the band from slipping. 
- Laura M Baker
 Excellent product. Perfect fit. Right compression. Be sure to measure properly - your fit Will be perfect. I ordered it with the silicone band. It helps it to stay in place. Love this sleeve. 
- Laura M Baker
 This sleeve is more difficult to put on but it provides much more support in order to keep the swelling under control. I used to purchase the more stretchy brands but have made the switch to this one. It is also much more like the custom sleeves that I wore just when my lymphedema started but these are much less hot and the material is thinner. Lymphedema truly sucks! 
- Lauren L Jackson
 This is a GREAT product and very reasonably priced. I bought this sleeve for my mother from this company because I could not find one to fit her swollen arm. I took her measurements that was on their website and it fit perfect. Within 1 week her arm was down to where it should be and it was very comfortable for her to wear all day and night. 
- Laurel Cavins
 The only product that I can wear all day without having irritated skin. I wish though it came in long. I need about 1 more inch. 
- Mrs Janet W Leblanc
 very comfortable 
- Lois Hill
 Perfect fit and coloring 
- Ms Linda A Cardillo
 Fit very well. Made good quality 
- Mrs Arleen Young-loo
 Fits well and is very comfortable. 
- Linda S Nightingale Nightingal
 I have wore the medi sleeves and gloves for the last 4 years. They fit me good and keep my arm from swelling. I had another brand that word out much faster. I really recommend the Medi 
- Linda Vanauken
 I love the feel. It does the job of keeping my lymphedema in check. I just wish that I had ordered a longer one! 
- Andrew Bass Phillips
 Fits great. Do they make them a little bigger, or do I have to have special order? 
- Mrs Marjorie A Stam
 I have used this for years. It is a good product and lasts well 
- Mary N Lively
 This product does the job, which is to keep my arm from getting any bigger. I like the wide elbow option. Wish the fabric was run proof though. 
- Mary N Lively
 This sleeve is very comfortable and really holds my arm. 
- Mrs Maureen Myles
 Love it. Comfortable and does the job. 
- Laura A Mcclung
 This sleeve is more comfortable than any other I have tried! You can do everything that you normally would without the swelling that you would get without the sleeve. It's so comfortable!!! 
- Rashanda Mccruter
 Easy to put on and comfortable 
- Anita G Moore
 Very comfortable and effective 
- Mrs Marsha H Moses
 Not hot. Everyone asks if it's hot. Not at all. 
- Mr Martin B Raulins
 Great product 
- Stephanie B Iglehart Iglehart
 Great product and reasonable price 
- Stephanie B Iglehart Iglehart
 Great product and customer service. Have ordered sleeves before with you and love them. So easy! 
- Stephanie Iglehart
 Have ordered this sleeve a few times and will continue to order again when it's time for a new one. Great product and service 
- Stephanie Iglehart
 Love the sleeve. Fits perfectly and I know I am getting the right size/compression all the time. Customer service is great 
- Stephanie Iglehart
 Excellent sleeve 
- Stephanie Iglehart
 Great service and product 
- Stephanie B Iglehart
 Far more comfortable than the other three brands I have tried 
- Suzanne Bedell
 Fast delivery 
- Charles Purnell
 I like the wear this sleeve gives. I would love for it to come in a LONG LENGTH. 
- Mrs. Martha S Hulgan
 Works for me. 
- Myrna Rose
 Perfect...just snug enough to be effective without being too tight. Fabric is nice and breathable. 
- Nadine Boyd
 The sleeves work great, have really helped my wife!! 
- Walter I Neller
 Great product and fits well. 
- James Hansen
 For my ongoing lymphedema I believe this is the best sleeve. I like the more relaxed elbow section and feel it is a quality product. 
- Marion L. Becker
 Great product. Very durable and comfortable. Best sleeve I have ever purchased. 
- Bette M Niemier
 Probably the best-fitting and most comfortable sleeve I've worn. Wish it came in some fun colors!! 
- Susan Mccormick
 I like the way it fits and it seems to keep the swelling under control, but with the different material at the elbow it's hard for me to pull on. 
- Pat D Argo
 This sleeve fits perfectly. I've been wearing Mediven sleeves daily for six years. I really like the new styling, and the silicone band keeps the top of the sleeve from sliding. A customer service person helped me select the correct size, and I am so pleased. I bought a second sleeve so that I can alternate days of wearing and laundering the sleeves. 
- Mrs Patricia R Curtis
 Comfortable, good price and durable 
- Paula R Blevins
 Fits perfectly, feels comfortable, really helpful 
- Peggy Walker Walker
 Most important, the silicone band really works. The op of he sleeve stays put. 
- Sandra Brenner
 Very comfortable. I already ordered 2 nd so I can rotate them 
- Janet L Patterson Patterson
 Much more comfortable and effective than other products I've tried. 
- Margaret Larocca
 Good comfortable fit. 
- Robbie P Maxville
 Very comfortable. 
- Mrs Peggy A Riley Riley
 Very comfortable. 
- Mrs Peggy A Riley Riley
 Very comfortable. 
- Mrs Peggy A Riley Riley
 Excellent. It fits well and does not roll. The color is very good (I could wish for more than 3 choices. They seem to be fairly snag resistant. 
- Carol A Fuller
 This is one of the only sleeves that I can find that comes in a size one. 
- Mrs. Rebecca A Despain
 Unfortunately this is something I'll have to wear the rest of my life. It's the best and would recommend. 
- Sharon R Norris
 This is by far the most effective and comfortable arm sleeve available on the market. I love the flexibility at the inner elbow which allows an all day use without being uncomfortable when you bend your arm. Thank you for creating such a great product! 
- Mrs. Rebecca M Gilden
- Richard L Fisher
 Very good 
- Rhonda Smith
 Works great 
- Rhonda Smith
 Sleeves were delivered quicker than I expected. I like the feel of the material, it seems snag resistant. In the past with other compression sleeve materials, I snagged them the first or second time I wore them. The compression seems good. 
- Jean Roederer
 I have been purchasing this sleeve for years. I love the silicon band which helps keep up the sleeve. 
- Rosemary Myers
 I have been ordering this sleeve for several years now, and will continue to purchase it. 
- Rosemary Myers
 I have been purchasing the Medi brand for years. I love the harmony sleeve with the silicone band, it compresses nicely and I will continue to purchase this brand. I wished it had a wider silicone band but not too wide. I tried other brand sleeves but none worked like Medi Harmony 
- Rosemary Myers
 I have used Mediven Harmony for 2 years and I love the sleeve. It compresses well. 
- Rosemary Myers
 I love this compression sleeve and keeps good compression. 
- Rosemary Myers
 Easy to put on because of the elbow weave! Tried another brand but prefer this one! 
- Rosalind Cleek
 Love these sleeves! They are very comfortable to wear. The feature at the inside of the elbow is wonderful and is not binding. I will be ordering more! 
- Linda M Allen
 It is very comfortable to wear, I like the feature at the crease of my elbow. It is a bit hard to get on. I will buy it again. 
- Linda M Allen
 I want to order another one. 
- Mrs Lavonne I I Schultz
 I want to order another one. 
- Mrs Lavonne I I Schultz
 Fits great. 
- Sharon Barker
 Fits great. 
- Sharon Barker
 It's a good product but the top band kept rolling on me. I think it's because I have a fatty upper arm and I needed something with a wider band which seemed to eliminate the problem. 
- Seema Benson
 Awesome! Great Quality! Will definitely order again!! 
- Mrs Stacey A Hanselman
- Eldon P Bliss Sr
 I have been using these arm sleeves for the past three years; I have tried other brands, but I buy only the Mediven Harmony Sleeve with the silicone band. It is the most comfortable, and the price is worth the product. 
- Mrs. Cheryl A Larson
 Just what I needed and cheaper than a purchase I first made at a medical supply store in our area for the same sleeve. Delivery was prompt. I will order again from here. 
- Linda Nelson
 Sleeve keeps swelling to a minimum. 
- Susan M Anderson
 Very comfortable and last a long time, I now have 3. 
- Stormi K Flynt
 This compression sleeve is very comfortable, gives the perfect support. 
- Stormi K Flynt
 This product is effective in controlling the lymphedema in my right arm. It is also one of the most comfortable compression sleeves that I have worn. 
- Marie Suhre
 Arm sleeve is comfortable. Reasonably priced since not covered by insurance. 
- Barbara M Anastasi
 Excellent product. 
- Suzanne Anderson
 Great product! 
- Suzanne Anderson
 I love this Lymphedema sleeve. It stays in place and supports my arm. It is well worth the investment. 
- Suzanne Anderson
 Great product! 
- Suzanne Anderson
 Good color and elasticity. 
- Susan B Railey
 Great fit and support. 
- Susan B Railey
 This is the second time I have ordered this sleeve and I plan to keep using this product. It has helped by arm and my clothes are fitting better. 
- Sherron K Thaysen
 Love this sleeve 30/40 compression. It works well and wash as well I put it in a laundry bag to be able to keep it longer. 
- Donna J Getz
 This sleeve is the only one I ever get and it totally works for me. Never have had a relapse with swelling of my bad arm except when bitten by a mosquito and then when did exercises with specialist my arm returned back to normal and has stayed there by doing daily exercises and wearing this sleeve. 
- Ms Evelyn Troy
 Its a very good quality sleeve. I found it to be the best sleeve available. 
- Mrs Teresa Orman
 Great fit 
- Tammy Morioka-shimazu
 Fits nice and washed up easily. 
- Ms Vicky L Kammeraad
 I've been using this style of sleeve for ten years now and would highly recommend it. 
- Virgil E Elmore
 This product is very good 
- Vera Fox
 I am very pleased with this purchase. 
- Linda White
 The sleeve has good compression and is helping with bswelling problem. We had purchessed one previosly from a health supply store and the price was much higher. But, the produce was no better. 
- Mr. Walter Pollard
 Delay with delivery (Covid) Nice thinner material with same amount of compression. Customer service efficient and responsive. Will continue to order from here. 
- Mrs Janet Wimsatt
 The product really works good.....My sleeve stays up all day.. 
- Janet M. Galasso
 I normally order this brand, great fit! 
- Aloha Young
 Have purchased other brands in past, but find this product the most comfortable. The long length with the silicone top band affords a perfect fit. I have been wearing Class II compression for several years now. This garment has kept my lymphedema condition totally under control. I wear 24/7. 
- Sandra L Bron
 This arm sleeve is comfortable and made from a sturdy fabric which does not run or get holes in it even with an active lifestyle. 
- Ann M Picchi
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