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Mediven Harmony Arm Sleeve


Mediven Harmony Arm Sleeve by Medi
Designed to treat primary and secondary lymphedema, the Medi Harmony arm sleeve raises the standard in circular knit arm sleeves by perfectly balancing efficiency and comfort without the use of latex. The Harmony arm sleeve is designed with a unique fabric that is soft to the touch, clinically effective, and easy to apply and maintain. This new design incorporates a double ellipse in the crease and point of the elbow to ensure maximum comfort and movement. The Harmony line features: (1) 8 off-the-shelf sizes plus 8 extra wide variants; (2) seamless, soft, and attractive fiber for the perfect fit; (3) Clima Comfort to keep skin comfortable all year round; (4) a double ellipse design that offers improved freedom of movement; (5) a 6 month guarantee

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.
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This product has 39 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
30-40 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
 I love these ones because they haven't lost the elasticity. Disappointed with the LymphoDiva as did not. 
- Christina L Heishman
 can't make it without it 
- Brenda Lambeth
 This is my favorite compression arm sleeve for a few reasons. It stays in place on the top of my arm without any annoying silicone. It has stretchy inserts at the outer and inner elbow area so bending my arm is comfortable. It's stretchy enough to keep its shape but not too tight to get on and off relatively easily. I've tried numerous brands, and while the fabric is not as soft as some, the other attributes of the Mediven Harmony keep it at the top of my list. 
- Cindy Chudacoff
 Lymphedema sleeves have bothered the elbow area on my arm even though I've had to use them 6 years off and on. My therapist told me about this sleeve and said she was confident it would help me. I now wear only my Harmony sleeve! It does not chafe my arm and is much easier to put on and take off. Cooler than other products too. 
- Connie Montgomery
 I've order arm garments now for 4 years and love them Quality is perfect thank you 
- Mrs Susan B Endicott
 There the best by doing the right exercise the sleeves keep your arm from swelling this is my forth year of ordering them. 
- Mrs Susan B Endicott F
 After 4 tries from other dealer brands I was delighted to Finally get a sleeve that fits & is comfortable. Good job. A company that realizes all women don't have thin upper arms especially after extensive surgery in that area. 
- Alice Wright
 If you arm swells a lot, like mine does, I suggest the sleeve with the silicone top. It lays flat, the ones without the silicone top fold over and cut into your arm. 
- Gayle Kautzman Kautzman
 Comfortable, effective in controlling swelling, cool and holds up well. 
- Joan L Flanders
 The product is very comfortable and the quality is exceptional. 
- Harriet Smith
 Good fit 
- Mr Jonathan C Avery
 Very nice product 
- Jo Ann Rickards
 Significantly decreased my arm swelling. Very comfortable to wear all day. Easy to wash (I hand wash even though that is not recommended but because of work I need to wash it regularly). I squeeze dry it in a towel, hang it up, and it is dry by morning. 
- Jane Mitsumori
 Feels very secure. I have long arms, so would have preferred it to be a bit longer, but it's acceptable. Comfortable also. 
- Jeanne Fuentes
 Easier to get on than I expected. Dries fast. Fast service was greatly appreciated! 
- Joyce L Payne
 This sleeve is very close fitting and supports my arm better than any other sleeve I have used. It dries quickly. Although it's a little harder to get on than previous sleeves I feel that it gives better support for the full length of my arm. 
- Ms. Karen M Wilkison
 Great fabric, love the way its constructed at elbow. 
- Ms Elaine D Padgett
 Must use this sleeve on daily basis. Good quality. 
- Dena D Lawson
 Sizing was perfect and material was soft and comfortable. 
- Mary A Kasselmann
- Harriet Feldman
 Comfortable, does not roll even though it does not have silicone top cuff. 
- Mrs Susan Avezov
 Good fit and compression 
- Rev Edwin B Sanders
 I love it. Great product. 
- Jacqueline Allard Allard
 Great quality and fast service. 
- Pam A Petree
 Yes they have been very good with product that I have got 
- Latonya Rodgers Rodgers
 This product is comfortable, with the elbow release being an important feature. Not too hard to get on. I use "It Stays" and they remain in place all day. The silicone dots keep them from rolling. I have not had issues with snags or runs. 
- Carol A Fuller
 I really like the knit in elbow release, it allowed me to move down two sizes. The caramel color is better looking the Jobst "medical beige". 
- Carol A Fuller
- Richard Fisher
- Richard Fisher
 Lightweight with good compression and a space in the inner elbow area for comfortable bending and wear. 
- Sandra I Hauser
 I love this sleeve. It is quick dying and gives good compression throughout my arm without pinching nor stretching out at the wrist, which is a problem with other off the shelf sleeves. Good job Mediven. 
- Sheri Nordstrom
 Fast Service 
- Ms Sharon Owens
 Been using this product since 2016. Has made my arm and life way better! 
- Stephen J Romero
 I have tried a couple of other sleeve brands, and this is definitely most comfortable! The ellipse where your elbow bends makes all the difference! 
- Susan Borders
 It was not for me, it's for my sister. She likes it, however, she stated it's a little bit short, it doesn't cover the entire arm. I will call you on Monday to find out if there a longer one 
- Sylvia Cervantes
 thanks..good fit,good material..exactly what i needed,,fast service,easy to order... 
- Terrylee Paylor
 Fits very comfortable 
- Arlene M Gilbert
 Love it. It has really good tight compression. It is long, but it actually works out good. The compression could be so tight because it was 7 years since I had a new one. 
- Shannon Meredith
 Love it. It has really good tight compression. It is long, but it actually works out good. The compression could be so tight because it was 7 years since I had a new one. 
- Shannon Meredith
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