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Mediven Harmony Comb. Arm Sleeve & Gauntlet w/Silicone Top Band


Mediven Harmony Comb. Arm Sleeve & Gauntlet w/Silicone Top Band by Medi
Designed to treat primary and secondary lymphedema, the Medi Harmony arm sleeve raises the standard in circular knit arm sleeves by perfectly balancing efficiency and comfort without the use of latex. The Harmony arm sleeve is designed with a unique fabric that is soft to the touch, clinically effective, and easy to apply and maintain. This new design incorporates a double ellipse in the crease and point of the elbow to ensure maximum comfort and movement. The Harmony line features: (1) 8 off-the-shelf sizes plus 8 extra wide variants; (2) seamless, soft, and attractive fiber for the perfect fit; (3) Clima Comfort to keep skin comfortable all year round; (4) a double ellipse design that offers improved freedom of movement; (5) a 6 month guarantee

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.
Available Colors
This product has 96 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve w/Attached Gauntlet
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
30-40 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve w/Attached Gauntlet
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
 The sleeve I ordered is very good quality. Wore to my therapy and therapist asked where I got it. Gave your email address for him to give to his other patients. 
- Peter A Krupp
 Great product, feels good and does the job, exactly what I was looking for. Also, excellent customer service and fast delivery. Thank You :) 
- Maria M Garrigo
 Good product Great customer service 
- Gretchen Briscoe
 Best glove/arm wrap I have found. Not bulky yet has even strong compression. I prefer it and its results over custom made glove and hand 
- Vytenis Kuraitis
 Correct product arrive in a timely manner. Met expectations. 
- Ms Anne M Dunne
 High quality. Does the job as advertised. 
- Mr Richard L Akers
 Awesome product and it is great controlling the swelling. 
- Mrs. Annette S Pushkarewicz
 Best combo arm sleeve available. Been using for 12 years 
- Mrs. Sandra H Watson
 I have used these since 2003 and would not change - I love the way the silicone top band keeps my sleeve up without slippage. I also am at a loss why anyone would want a sleeve and separate gauntlet - it squeezes the wrist until the hand swells more. 
- Mrs. Sandra H Watson
 I purchased this for my mother in law who needs to wear a compression sleeve during the day. It was easy to understand the different sizes and compression levels along with the color options on the site. The top silicone band is a primary necessity for our use case as the band could slide downwards without it. It fits perfectly and she is happy with the purchase. 
- Mr Ashwin Shekar
 Just what I need. 
- Adele Tuchler
 It works well 
- Betty Ng
 This is the best arm sleeve I've ever worn. The hand portion is a little too long. An extra small size, if offered, would be a better fit for me. However, the quality, comfort, and performance of the sleeve is wonderful. I've worn it during the heat of summer and during a trip to Disney. I will order again. 
- Cathy Richoux
 Great fit and good quality, 
- Connie Pedersen
 The sleeve with glove was exactly what I needed. It is good quality with reinforced areas around thumb and elbow. 
- Deana C Purvis Purvis
 Therapist says it's a very good product. 
- Patricia P Debrine
 I wear one every day and it helps keep the swelling in control. 
- Diane Mcgill
 I really like this como sleeve and gauntlet (well, as much as one likes any of it). It is more comfortable than others and seems to fit very well. I plan to get a second one soon. 
- Diane W Strommer
 i love this combo sleeve and have already ordered two more in other colors! By having the gauntlet attached, I don't have the double compression at my wrist that used to bottleneck swelling in my hand. And the different knit patterns at the wrist and elbow really make movement easier in the places that bend. Now I just have to wait for them to add quarter finger gloves as a choice instead of the attached gauntlet. Great value, too, compared to others. 
- Diane H H Talbot
 I have not had the product long. It is comfortable once you get it on, although, it is no easier to put on than any other arm compression sleeve I've used in the past. It renders a nice even compression. 
- David L. Kocsis
 Purchased one then bought a second one. With gloves easy to put on. very smooth fitting. I forget I have it on. 
- Mrs Donna G Davies
 I really like my Mediven Harmony Comb. sleeve and gauntlet. I tend to not throw old comb. sleeves and gauntlets away, even when they have become stretched out, but the Harmony are much less likely to become totally useless. My newest one is really giving me superior compression. I've decided to not wear it where it will get stained or excessively dirty, thus the purpose for older garments. So glad I discovered Lymphedema Products many years ago. 
- Donald R Brummitt
 My latest purchase was the best one yet, as I have learned not to pull on just the silicone top band in pulling it on. It is extremely comfortable, and others have noticed the reduction in swelling in my arm, which is encouraging. I wear it all day, every day, except when showering and when it is being washed. Best ones I've found 
- Donald R Brummitt
 After using other Medi (or Mediven) comb. sleeves & gauntlets w/silicone top band, which I found usually met my needs but stretched out too soon, I am very pleased with the Harmony line. The material has better compression, and the different fabrics, or stitching in different locations gives better compression over all. The fact that I don't keep pulling it down over my Knuckles because it doesn't slip up is great. The additional sizes makes it easier to get the best fit.The 6-month guarantee is a real plus. Thank you, Mediven and Lymphedema Products. 
- Donald R Brummitt
 I have tried other sleeves and this one is by far the best for me. I have been searching so long to find one like this. I love it. This is the only one I have tried that didn't make my hand swell. Thank you so much. 
- Edith M Longest
 very good 
- Mrs Eluteria Elow-king
 I have worn this sleeve for several years. I like the one piece sleeve with the gauntlet because it eliminates double compression at my wrist that causes additional swelling in my hand. 
- Frances E. Van Dyke
 I'm very pleased with this sleeve. It has a good texture and a comfortable fit, especially at the elbow. I plan to get a black one, too. 
- Mrs Frances E Vandyke
 Great product! 
- Margarita Roby
 Great product. Fits great. Keeps the swelling down. 
- Gale Kelly
 Works great as good as some that cost more. Will continue to get mine here. 
- Mrs Geneva P Miller
 If you have to wear this type of garment, look into this product, follow the instructions and get the best fit! 
- Mr Rodney J Herr
 Great product, comfortable to wear. 
- Mr Rod J Herr
 The most comfortable sleeve. I used to use a different brand with separate gauntlet and sleeve, but they cut into me at the wrist, gapped, all sorts of problems. This Mediven combo sleeve solved those problems... and the top band stays up better than anything else I've tried. My favorite compression sleeve option by far! 
- Heather C Mcrae
 I really like this sleeve. It is very comfortable. It is tightly woven and doesn't pick easily. (I have three cats and that is important.) I would definitely recommend it. 
- Ms. Ann M Hubbard
 This is the best sleeve I have tried. The black color draws less attention to my lymphedema. 
- Ms Brenda S Vernon
 Perfect fit and color. 
- Brenda S Vernon
 I'm very happy with my sleeve it fits just way the doctor would like it to. 
- Ms. Joann Jedlinski
 I love the one piece! The wrist could have been narrower but it still does what it is supposed to. Every product I have ordered so far has been excellent. Product is always as advertised with better prices than anywhere else. 
- Elizabeth L Fank
 This is my third one. They work well to keep the swelling down. 
- Mrs Janet M Davis
 Easy to do on line ordering, or by phone. Fast delivery. And excellent on returns. Highly recommend them. Using them for years. 
- Joan Baron
 Only if they needed it. The company I have always recommended. 
- Joan Baron
 i wear my everyday and it is easy to put on 
- Joan Banks
 Very happy with this Harmony compression sleeve w/gauntlet & silicone band. PLEASE DON'T DISCONTINUE. I HAVE HAD LYMPHADEMA SINCE 2012 BEST SLEEVE I HAVE FOUND. IAM A BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR! 
- Janice Brunner Brunner
 I really like this sleeve. It fits well and is very comfortable. 
- Mrs June D Hullings
 I am very pleased with the Mediven Harmony Comb arm sleeve and gauntlet that I recently purchased! Fast service too! You are a great company! Will definitely purchase again! 
- Mrs Karen S Kearns
 Best product on the market‚Ķ It holds up very well and is comfortable to wear. The top band also does not slide down‚Ķ A really fabulous product. 
- Karla J Bunger
 They changed the material on this sleeve and it is SO much better. First it is harder to snag and put your nails through the material and I think it has better compression than the old material. 
- Mrs. Kim K Fenimore
 Excellent product. Lots of support. Love the fit. It's so much better than the other brand. Bought 2 different colors. 
- Mrs Lisa A Meyer
 Love this arm sleeve and gauntlet. It is a perfect fit. Bought one in black and in tan. The price is better as well. Plenty of support in this garment. 
- Mrs Lisa A Meyer
 Very comfortable! 
- Lena M Pedersen
 Very comfortable and easy to put on. Very durable. 
- Linda Barrow
- Mrs Patricia Massie
 Great product. It's all in one piece and helps with the pain and swelling. I use it everyday and will buy another one later on. 
- Linda J Hamilton
 I ordered this for my husband and it works great. The fabric has more of an athletic-wear feel. The gauntlet works well for him and the fabric gives great compression. He works with his hands all day at work and is able to move freely to accomplish what he needs to while avoiding increased swelling due to hard work. We've tried several types and this one is definitely most comfortable for him to wear all day. We've now bought three of these sleeves and will likely only buy this brand moving forward. 
- Rachel Locklear
 I haven't used it yet. My doctor told me to always wear one when I fly. I will be flying on October 23. After that I will be able to rate this item. 
- Mrs Lora E Clark
 Great help @ web site and phone service. Product always well constructed and has kept my condition in check. Price has risen but then what hasn't in last five years! 
- Loretta Henderson
 Very comfortable 
- Ms Mary Blackwell
 I bought another one so i can have one while one is in the wash. Great products!! 
- Karen Gallagher Gallagher
 I have purchased several of your products and I am pleased withe all of them. 
- Karen Gallagher Gallagher
 This product is extremely comfortable to wear as well as breathable. 
- Marsha Bradford
 Luv the one piece garment! 
- Mrs Kim Bisceglia Bisceglia
 This is the one I order every time, It fits well and wears well. 
- Evetett G Ford
 It fits just right and I like the special weaving for the elbow. It makes it more comfortable. 
- Mrs Marion L Ford
 It fits great and I especially like the special knitting for the elbow. It also feels very comfortable and seems to really stimulates my arm as I wear it. 
- Mrs Marion L Ford
 This is great because the gauntlet is attached and doesn't make my wrist sore. 
- Mrs Doris B Michel
 great quality, perfect fit. 
- Ms Mildred K Higgins Higgins
 Like the new design 
- Nancy Morris
 Love this sleeve with gauntlet. Very comfortable and not very noticeable if you wear some sleeve over it. The only thing wrong is the cost which is rather high if you are wearing one every day and need more that one. I have worn one for 25 years and my arm is in pretty good shape. 
- Marcia Snyder
 Medi is one of the only sleeve & gauntlet combo out there and it works the best for the lymphedema in my hand. I wear this plus a glove over it. I hope they don't ever discontinue it! 
- Shelly Smith
 This product is exactly what I need because it eliminates the pressure on the wrist area that caused my hand to swell from lymphedema. 
- Nancy J. Black
 It helps keep the swelling down. 
- Nancy Freeman
 This sleeve is the only sleeve that works for both my arm and hand. I do have to wear a glove as well for finger compression. I do have a recommendation. It would be great to make these in different colors such as navy or gray. I usually order them in black which sometimes complements the outfit I wear. 
- Patti A Butler
 It's wonderful to know that I can purchase these sleeves on line. I was "forced" to look for a sleeve that I had previously purchased through a local firm, of which my insurance covered. The insurance coverage I had, changed, and I could no longer purchase the sleeves. My husband searched the internet and found you. Thank you for being out there, the sleeve fits perfectly!! 
- Mrs Debra A Sopko
 Great product that relieved deep marks on my wrist from using regular sleeve and gauntlet. Circular knit very comfortable! 
- Mrs. Patricia M Slozak Slozak
 I love the Medi sleeve with gauntlet. Unfortunately the last order I received was a size II, when I ordered a size III. I had ordered two sleeves. One package was opened and the other is still in the box. I will wear the old sleeves for a while until I figure out how to handle the situation. 
- Ms Billye A Fietz
 Works well and has helped my hand and arm. 
- Mr. Richard B Lyons
 Have used this product for many years, tried a couple other products and came back to the Mediven for arm lymphedema. 
- Minda K Booth
 Excellent products, I have been using the sleeve and glove for about 3 years now 
- Minda K Booth
 The sleeve looks great, I ordered the wrong size. The return process was easy. 
- Mrs Annette M Schaffter
 Yes I really satisfied with your products. Thank you!! 
- Sellestine Foster
 Great product! 
- Stephanie Deshaies
 The sleeve helps keep the swelling down 
- Gaylon B Alexander
 We had these purchased from another source, these are the same 
- Gaylon B Alexander
 I love this sleeve and I plan to reorder. 
- Terry L Wissig
 Love this product. I'm a nurse and this is my work sleeve. It's easy to flip off of thumb and wash my hands before entering patients room. It's taken a bunch of wear and tear by doing this but so far is holding up well. Will buy again. 
- Tonia M Barnes Barnes
 Excellent product. 
- Ulrike A Sczesni
 it is easy to get on and very comfortable 
- Virginia M Huck Ms.
 I enjoy wearing this sleeve. It is higher on my arm than any other sleeve I have had. I believe this is better for my arm. 
- Dena Vineyard
 I'm so glad I chose this sleeve! The main reason for this selection was that it was one piece. I lost 3 gauntlets and was disgusted with having to take them off and put them back on sometimes forgetting and losing them in the process. I wash my hands frequently. Anyway, this garment is great. The only thing needed now is a wider selection of colors! 
- Yolanda M Peters
 Great product. Great price. Excellent customer service. I was very impressed. 
- Alicia Huddle
 So comfortable and easy to wear. I love the combined sleeve and gauntlet. 
- Susan L Leslie
 This brand has always been my choice. The combined sleeve and gauntlet is so more comfortable than having to wear separately. I would recommend this to anyone that has lymphodema. 
- Debra S Calhoun
 This is the second one I've purchased. Very comfortable, easy to put on, and is easy to care for...very satisfied with this combined arm sleeve and gauntlet. 
- Merry L Harsh
 It is very comfortable. It fits much better that the one I got from a local medical supply store. Also, since it is one piece it is not cutting my circulation off where the separate glove and sleeve overlapped. It is easier to put on than I expected. Ordered another one since I like it so much. 
- Merry L Harsh
 So comfortable!!! I love having the combined arm sleeve and gauntlet. I swear sometimes the separate sleeves and gauntlets are like socks -- both make it into the washing machine, but only one comes out! 
- Susan L Leslie
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