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Mediven Mondi Esprit Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Top Band


Mediven Mondi Esprit Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Top Band  by Medi
Designed to aid in the management of primary or secondary lymphedema of the arm, the Mediven Mondi Esprit arm sleeve is manufactured with a comfortable and breathable flat knit (seamed) fabric. It comes with a beaded silicone top band and is available in five sizes and two lengths. It is formulated to encourage lymph flow by increasing muscle pumping efficiency and corresponding tissue pressure.

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.
Available Colors
This product has 38 reviews.
23-32 mmHg Compression
Standard Length
Compression: 23-32 mmHg
Long Length
Compression: 23-32 mmHg
 It has been almost a month and it was just mailed. They kept trying to contact a number for billing instead of a number for delivery because they needed to tell me no P.O. Box delivery. Apparently the delivery information which was on the copy they sent me did not appear to the office that sent it. I have used this product before and it is wonderful. It also lasts so long I don't order often. 
- Rose A Sumners
 The Mediven Mondi arm sleeve is comfortable and does a good job keeping my lymphedema under control. 
- Carol Aris
 The sleeve fits great and is easy to put on. I highly recommend it. 
- Carol Aris
 This sleeve has been a great help in controlling my lymphedema. Yes, it is heavier and warmer than I was accustomed to wearing. But it is very soft and comfortable. I highly recommend this sleeve. 
- Mary Lou L. Bilhartz
 Great product. 
- Debra K Harris
 It is not only comfortable, but it is long enough for those of us with longer arms. I no longer have to keep tugging it down because it is an inch or more above my wrist. 
- Dorothy Stewart
 It felt tight at first but as soon as the swelling went down, the sleeve felt very comfortable. When the time comes to order a replacement, I will definitely order from you. 
- Ms Margaret A. Ferguson
 This arm sleeve works very well for me and I wear it everyday. Consistent use keeps the swelling down.The circular bands embedded in the elastic make it much more effective than the plain sleeves. 
- Mrs Robbie S Gardiner
 Good product. Good fit. Good service. 
- George Michquel Snider
 The sleeve fits well and is comfortable, long enough for my arms. It was also less expensive than the specialty shop my therapist referred me to, so now I have an extra sleeve. 
- Janice Gibson
 Excellent fit, very comfortable. I received my sleeves 2 days before tracking said it would be delivered. 
- Joy Bolger
 Fits perfectly 
- Kenneth S Bruck
 It's excellent product. 
- Karen E Puckett
 I have worn the Mediven, Mondi Espirit for almost 9 years. Wish I had insurance that would cover this garment. I have tried a few other arm sleeves and always go back to Mediven as it is the best product for my needs. 
- Karin Tranum Tranum
 very good product. will buy more as time goes on. 
- Linda Beausoleil
 Love the fit & feel of this garment. 
- Jane D Odell
 Fit just right 
- Marie P Rutkowski
 It fit well and maintained my swelling and the color blended well with my skin tone . 
- Susan L Carr
 I love this sleeve, it keeps my arm from swelling. I have full range of movement with this sleeve 
- Millie A North
- Marvin Taylor
 Great product 
- Marvin Taylor
 The sleeve fit well and blended right in with my skin tone. I saw a decrease in swelling within days. Both myself, and my therapist were pleased with the results! 
- Christine Morelli
 I have to have a flat knit sleeve to control the swelling in my arm. In the past I would wear custom made sleeves at a more expensive price. I was glad to see that I could obtain this one off the shelf with the same good fit with the silicone band on top. I did have to order the longer sleeve to cover my arm even though my arm measured to be average. The caramel color matches the glove exactly. 
- Nancy H Murphree Murphree
 Recommended by my therapist. I am fairly active and it seems to be working great. I get some swelling but nothing that causes pain or limits activity. 
- Dr Nathaniel Gildersleeve
 The dense weave in this arm sleeve keeps the swelling down which is the most important feature - but it's just light and flexible enough to be comfortable. It's also a lot easier to get on and off than other brands I've tried. 
- Nena R Silva
 Fits very well and is smoother than other compression sleeves that I have, which makes it easier for long sleeve garments to slide onto my arm. 
- Mrs Noreen Hansum
 Perfect sizing and excellent pumping. I will definitely buy this again. 
- Mr. Sameer Upadhye
 Great product 
- Barbara Poweleit
 Like the flat knit feature which helps me control my edema better than other kinds of compression. 
- Barbara Poweleit
 Effective on keeping my arm swelling under control. 
- Barbara Poweleit
 good quality 
- Barbara Poweleit
 The flat knit feature really helps control my arm lymphedema. 
- Barbara Poweleit
 My therapist told me what kind and size to order. Fits great 
- Marilyn K Mcentire
 This is much more comfortable than the regular sleeve. 
- Mrs Wanda N Daniels
 Very good. 
- Mrs Wanda N Daniels
- Mrs Wanda N Daniels
 Very comfortable and supportive. 
- Mrs Wanda N Daniels
 Very comfortable. I would recommend this long version over the regular one. The regular one is a little short. 
- Mrs Wanda N Daniels
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