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Medi 'It Stays' Body Adhesive


Medi 'It Stays' Body Adhesive by Medi
Medi "It Stays" Body Adhesive holds knee-high and thigh-high stockings in place, securely and comfortably. It comes in an easy-to-use roll-on form. The adhesive is odorless, hypo-allergenic, and easy to wash off. The "It Stays" Body Adhesive is the quickest and easiest solution for stockings that always seem to slide down.
This product has 27 reviews.
Individual Pieces
2oz Bottle 
2oz Bottle - case (12 pieces)
 I love it. Couldn't make it without it. ‚ù§Ô∏è‚ù§Ô∏è 
- Ms Candace R Raper
 Hold the Thigh High compression garment in place 
- Dirk Becker
 I use this to hold up compression stockings, and it works well. Easy to apply and works all day makes it a winner. 
- Bill Gluth
 This is Awesome! I was purchasing the silicon tops... with this adhesive... now it can use this and they stay up. 
- Ms Charlotte M Klassy
 Happy with the good job it does. 
- Auborn R Hampton
 Works well 
- Mrs. Bonita E. Huffman Huffman
 It does the job it was suppose to do. 
- Barbara A Gold
 This works well to keep up my sleeves that are wearing out with their silicone beads. Does not bother the skin. 
- Jeanne L Troy
 The Medi It Stays is different from other It Stays, so be careful when ordering. The Medi product is fantastic at keeping lymphedema products in place through all sorts of activities. I strongly recommend the Medi It Stays. 
- Joanne M Josephson
 I find that it does what it is suppose to do and that is keep the stocking up. I am very pleased with this product. 
- Jennie Gamble
 This stuff works. 
- Mr Kenneth G Kantor
 I've been using this for years. Can't live without it. 
- Leona R Perler
 Love it. My second order. Works well. Definitely recommend this to you. 
- Jane D Odell
 Hold my lymphedema wrap in place. 
- Mary L Hoepner
 Great product the name says it all it really stays the best I've ever used! 
- Cecilia Carmichael
 my stockings use to always roll down I bought this body adhesive and it has made my life so much easier. I have lymphedema and it is vital that I wear my stockings. I roll on this adhesive and my stockings stay up all day. Easy to wash. You only need soap and water. Excellent product. 
- Ms. Nancy A Topulli
 I use this product to keep my compression stockings in place. When I wear toe-less ones, I spread the It Stays around the ball of my foot and on top. Pull the foot of the stocking over and voila! It Stays! 
- Nancy C Keller
 Works really well. Better than some I have used. 
- Mrs Nancy R. Malicki
 My Medi "It Stays" Body Adhesive came in a roll-on bottle. I put 4 dots on the top of my thigh-high and it holds all day. Washes off easily. 
- Carol Olinger
 This really works. I'm no longer constantly tugging up my thigh high compression stockings. 
- Janet Owens
 Amazing! Use it all the time, keeps my socks up all day! 
- Patricia A Taylor
 This product works well and goes on easily. 
- Dr Paul D Curtis
 The product does what it promises to do. However, it is far too expensive. Lymphedema to date is incurable, and at $10 for a 4 ounce jar tines forever, I could go bankrupt using this product. 
- Ms. Robin D. Edwards
 Really does what it says. It holds stockings in place all day 
- Mrs Vickie L Goolman
 This product holds knee high compression stockings in place ALL Day. Love not having to run to bathroom to pull up my stockings! It washes out of stockings beautifully. The residue on my leg wipes off with wash cloth. Highly recommend this product!!!!! 
- Ms Susan Jozapaitis
 It does a WONDERFUL job. 
- Ms Candace R Raper
 Great stuff. Goes on easily, which other brands don't seem to. 
- John Lorant
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