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Mediven For Men Classic


Mediven For Men Classic by Medi
Mediven For Men Classic is a modern compression sock available in classic colors for dress or casual wear. Soft, smooth, stylish, and durable, this new bio-textile product provides the medical benefits and easy care all men want. It's the natural choice for better feeling legs. The Mediven for Men compression socks feature: (1) a Clima-Fresh system that inhibits bacteria growth and odor; (2) a Clima-Comfort system with lanolin to keep your feet refreshed and dry; (3) Comfi-foot technology that is engineered for anatomically correct left and right feet; (4) a comfort top band that keeps your socks in place; (5) a range of sizes and widths to ensure optimal fitting
Available Colors
This product has 26 reviews.
15-20 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Socks - pair
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Product Options: Extra-Wide Calf Width NOT Available in Size II
20-30 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Socks - pair
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Product Options: Extra-Wide Calf Width NOT Available in Size II
30-40 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Socks - pair
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Product Options: Extra-Wide Calf Width NOT Available in Size II
 Good socks 
- Charles Ebeling
 Great product for the money, and fast service! 
- Mr Robert C Chapman Chapman
 It is just what we needed! 
- Mrs Elmidis Guimaraes Guimaraes
 Excellent quality and fit. Quite easy to put on and are very comfortable. 
- Mr. Burton Price
 was of good quality and comfortable and did the job. My calves are much improved. 
- Frank Kiernan
 Love them y'all are a great company to purchase from 
- Darrell A Fisher
 It is very hard to find large calf size compression socks. These could be a little wider at the ankle, but perfect at the calf. Not terribly expensive either! 
- Ms Jamie M Slein Slein
 Will buy more as budget allows. 
- John Chasse Chasse
 Great fit and very good delivery. 
- John J Demmer
 Great fit, love how they keep my legs from swelling. 
- Jim Moor
 The fit is great. These socks do not crease up causing pinch points like others I've worn and, what's better, they are keeping my lymphedema in check. 
- Mr Joel H H Head Head
 Excellent fit 
- Daniel L Shoemaker
 Great fit and comfort 
- George F Ii
 Very comfortable. They last about 3-4 months with wearing they 3-4 times a week. 
- George F Ii
 Fit well, are durable, have used for over a decade 
- Martin Thomas
 Great product 
- Patrick Hanrahan
 Very comfortable and great quality 
- Greg Southers
 Had to wait weeks before socks were delivered 
- Robert J Sweikowsky
 Exactly what I was looking for 
- Ryan C Dalzell
 Great quality and fit! 
- Sarabeth K Lemoine
 I haven't as yet used these new socks but all my previous purchases of the same brand and style socks have been excellent. 
- Anthony Mantle
 Having purchased this particular brand of compression socks for several years now I have come to trust that they will perform the function they are intended for. And so I purchase them without hesitation. I believe my last three orders for these socks I bought from your company and I trust you to fulfill my order promptly and provide me with newly manufactured products not old shelved items. Regarding cost I have found your pricing to be competitive with that of other suppliers. Plus with any discounts offered the price is better than other suppliers. The bottom line is I get probably the best product available for a fair price and with excellent service. 
- Mr Anthony Mantle
 Exactly what I wanted at a good price. 
- Lawrence M Thompson
 It does the job and still a very good dress look. 
- Mr Thomas R Hoerschgen
 Purchased the 20-30 hgmm for my husband who has swelling/lymphedema in both legs below the knee. After a few weeks of wearing these during the day, the swelling is greatly improved. I wash them by hand and dry overnight and they appear to be holding up quite well. 
- Susan Baxter
 I don't know if these are new to Medivan or what, but I've never seen these before. They've got some sort of crosshatch pattern to them, and the are far more comfortable than my older socks, and just as strong. Also, these stay in place better. As they aged, the older socks tended to work their way down my legs during the day and then bind at the ankle, which was painful. These just stay up, no matter how hard I work nor how far I walk. I LIKE these socks. 
- Mark Starkweather
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