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Medi Butler Off by Medi
Due to the compressive nature of stockings used in the management of lymphedema and other edemas, doffing (removing) the stockings can be quite difficult. The Medi Butler Off is a highly effective tool for simplifying the process of removing compression stockings, thereby alleviating the daily stress of the application routine.
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Stocking Doffing Aid 
 A life saver for removing compression hose! 
- Barbara N Goff
 I am not able to bend my right knee. This gadget enables me the push my leg pants Dow, push a sock off my foot, even help remove my underwear. I am always amazed what a help the right tool can be. Glad someone thought this one through. 
- Merrilee Currier
 Works fine. Glad I have it. 
- Donald Meckley
 A necessary item for donning and doffing the compression sock and garments. 
- James L Alexander
 It makes wearing the stockings wearable since now I can get them off. So glad I got it 
- Janyce L Hansen
 Best thing I bought lately. So much easier to take my compression stockings off. I has always been a struggle to take the compression stockings off. Works well as a shoe horn 
- Lorette Clark
 This worked great taking off my compression hose. I pushed them down as far as I can and this tool did the rest!! Very grateful! 
- Patricia Rich
 love it, takes off the stockings with no problems, before I was using a long shoe horn, well this butler is much saver 
- Susanne Foster
 Works as shown in the video. I'm completely satisfied. 
- Stephen B Potter
 Does very well the job for which it was designed 
- Tom J Lavan
 It is a wonderful product! It allows me to remove my support stockings with ease. 
- Mr Stephen D Bender
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