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Male Genital Pad


Male Genital Pad by JoViPak
The Male Genital Pad is recommended for scrotal swelling and/or fibrosis. The pad is created using Continuous Flow vertical stitching pattern to help direct lymph flow away from the testicular area toward and alternate lymphatic pathway. This padded insert should be used under a compression garment for added protection, comfort, and optimal results. This pad can also be ordered with soft elastic straps over the iliac crest to hold the garment in place.
Available Colors
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Single Pad
Compression: Not Applicable
 The product was not big enough so don't know if it would have worked. Need to find something soon. Since this disease started I have fluid from feet to upper abdomen, and weight has increased over 300# nothing gets rid of it! 
- Marcia Podstupka
 Wish the elastic band is wider 
- Michael Wysocki
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