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Magnide by Arion
The Magnide has been specifically designed to alleviate the problems experienced when donning compression stockings and tights with a closed toe. The Magnide is made from smooth material, which has been treated with a special coating. These qualities create a smooth aid that reduces friction significantly. The friction reduction of the Magnide helps minimize the physical strain otherwise experienced by caregivers and patients. In turn, this has a positive effect on the therapy compliance of patients. Also, with clear and simple instructions-for-use, patients can enjoy the freedom and convenience of independently donning compression hosiery for a long time.
This product has 10 reviews.
Closed-Toe Stocking Donning Aid 
 Have used this product since I first started wearing support hose and it the greatest help ever. Am thrilled to find a place that carries it. 
- Anne K. Larson
 Easy to use 
- William A Wood
 very helpful 
- Carolyn D Conner
 Works great! 
- Carolyn D Conner
 Works well as a tool to assist in putting compression stockings on. Good, quality construction. 
- Cindy Davis
 Fantastic! I cannot get my husband's compression stockings on without this. I keep an extra one in the drawer. 
- Emma Wright
 Fantastic! I cannot get my husband's compression stockings on without this. I keep an extra one in the drawer. 
- Emma Wright
 This little gem makes the donning of compression stockings so easy. It can be used on toeless or regular stockings since it comes up out of the top. 
- Rene Reno
 This has made putting on my compression socks much easier and pain free 
- Vicki Stearns
 The Magnide has made the donning of my high compression stockings much easier, which without it was nearly impossible because of a "trigger finger" syndrome in all my fingers. With assistance of the Magnide and the use of sliding motions with donning gloves rather than grabbing of the stockings, the Magnide has proven itself a "lifesaver." I discovered that although the Magnide is intended for the foot and lower leg, it can be used to reduce the friction of donning of thigh-high stockings on the upper leg. For the thigh, I found that by re-wrapping the upper leg from the knee upwards greatly reduced friction and allowed me to continue to slide the stockings in place with the donning gloves. This reduced the need to grab the stockings, which hurt my fingers otherwise. Finally because the Magnide uses magnets instead of the Velcro that was used in an older version of this product, the Magnide cannot snag the compression stockings and damage them. The Magnide is an excellent product. 
- Wilson E Buvinger
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