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LympheDIVAs Arm Sleeve and Glove Sets by LympheDIVAs
LympheDIVAs garments were created by two women with lymphedema that wanted to develop a medical-grade garment that they would actually want to wear. When developing the garments their focus was on creating quality compression by using the latest cutting-edge technology. LympheDIVAs garments are knit in America using the covered yarn process which consists of inlay Lycra® with the Nylon filaments wrapped around it. Creating a garment that is durable and comfortable with 4-way stretch, producing less binding and a greater range of unrestricted motion. We pioneered the 3D seamless compression knit technique for our gauntlets and gloves, producing handpieces that are knit entirely in one piece directly on the machine with no unsightly and uncomfortable seams, providing greater hand freedom and unbound finger mobility. All garments are lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, keeping the arm cool and dry all day.

LympheDIVAs goal is to empower patients to manage their lymphedema with style, grace, and confidence by giving them choice. That's why LympheDIVAs has designed a large collection that has something for everyone. All LympheDIVAs patterns are created by LympheDIVAs designers specifically for the sleeves, you will never find LympheDIVAs patterns anywhere else.
Available Patterns and Colors
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This product has 52 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Printed Pattern Sleeve + Glove Set
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
(Save $10 on a set as compared to purchasing separately.)
Solid Color Sleeve + Glove Set
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
(Save $5 on a set as compared to purchasing separately.)
30-40 mmHg Compression
Printed Pattern Sleeve + Glove Set
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
(Save $10 on a set as compared to purchasing separately.)
Solid Color Sleeve + Glove Set
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
(Save $5 on a set as compared to purchasing separately.)
 This is my second order. Sleeve and glove set. Very comfortable for all-day wear! Extremely fast delivery.. Excellent customer service. 
- Kerrie Torrisi
 It certainly gets positive attention and questions. 
- Alice Rosen Alice J Rosen Rosen
 I have now ordered 3 sets. Two were the sleeve and gauntlet, and the last was sleeve with the glove. The peacock design gets me the most attention , everyone thinks its a tattoo. When they ask, I can then go into my little learning session on lymph edema and why I have to wear the sleeve. I find most people like myself when I found out, have no idea of what it is. Then I tell them, If I have to wear it, I am going to flaunt it, and with these garments I do exactly that. They are made well, and the designs are wonderful. The only thing I don't like is that they do give out in about 6 months and you have to order new, which insurance does not cover. How sad is that ? 
- Cheryl Cowan
 GREAT PRODUCT every one give me compliments and it's fit's great and help me alot 
- Ms Angela N Walton
 I love these sleeves and the matching gloves. I cant wear the gauntlet because my fingers swell - the gloves keep the swelling down. The patterns are fun. I get lots of looks and because people think I have tattoos so I explain what they are and why I'm wearing them. The solid colors get boring. Wearing the patterned sleeves & gloves is a good way to meet people. 
- Annette J Tidwell
 This colorful print makes the sleeve a fashion statement, not just a medical device. 
- Elizabeth Byrne Lobdell
 I am very pleased with the sleeves and gloves I purchased. 
- Miss Brenda C Eddington
 I am very pleased with the sleeves and gloves I purchased. 
- Miss Brenda C Eddington
 Love my new sleeve and glove. Makes my arm feel good when I wear it andoesn't get real hot. Quite comfortable! 
- Susan K Carberry
- Christine Gray
 It is beautiful and just what I ordered. Thank you. 
- Ms Cynthia L Bryant
 Love the material of the LympheDIVA brand sets. The diva glove allows for more flexibility than others. I got the lace pattern, solid black and beige. People have commented on how cute it looked. 
- Ms Claudia E Jardim
 I love this arm sleeve, and especially the glove. The material is smoother and snag-resistant. Very comfortable. I have order more in other patterns too. 
- Ms Claudia E Jardim
 I love the material of the LympheDiva arm sleeve and glove. It does seem to keep my swelling under control too. I ordered the solid beige and black sets, although the patterned sets are awesome and there is a great variety to choose from. 
- Ms Joy Jardim Jardim
 Really nicely made- pieces fit well 
- Carolyn U Thornton
 strong hold and attractive 
- Mr Kenneth F Carobus Carobus
 I have been a fan of LympheDIVA sleeves for over 4 years. I will add that having the choice of the glove rather than the gauntlet has been a huge improvement in an already good product. 
- Dawn Decamp
 It's perfect! I got it for my sister in law she is very satisfied from day one and getting much better 
- Ahmed Doomi
 Great product love all the designs. I wear everyday to keep my left arm and hand from swelling. 
- Donna M Wilson
 Love it 
- Ms Donna M Parsons
 I love this product. I wear them daily. The combo sleeve and glove was a good price and was delivered in a timely fashion. The site offers a variety of colors, patterns and sizes. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for this type of product. 
- Ms Theresa Roy
 The pattern and material on the sleeve are amazing except the top doesn't stay put so I had to buy an adhesive roll on to try when that gets delivered. The glove not so much. The material isn't as tight fitting. I wear my other glove most of the time. I am saving for another set! There are two sduggestions....can they be made waterproof? and I would love to see arm and glove connected~ 
- Amrs George Ann Blough
 Love the multitude of design choices. I get compliments everywhere I go. Quick delivery. 
- Merrill Brunner
 Bought this for my grandmother. The small fits her perfectly. She had stopped wearing the other sleeves she had because they cut into her arm painfully and they also pushed the swelling down into her hand, but with the long sleeve and the glove, she loves wearing it. She even sleeps in it, which is something she would never do with her previous sleeves! 
- Jeremy Chase Crawford Crawford
- Karen Smith
 Love it! So much more fun than plain ones! 
- Kari Cobb
 I really like this brand. I have used several other brands over the years, this is my favorite. Holds up well, the cost is better than others. I tend to swell a little around my knuckles, I ordered the gauntlet with the longer fingers, Love Them! It really helps keep down the edema. The sleeve is the most comfortable one I had to date. The patterns and designs are just plain me a sense of wellness by reminding me to not be too serious...great attitude adjuster. I will be telling my fellow survivors about LympheDIVAs. 
- Kathy K Myers
 My mother loves her LympheDiva's sets! She says that the material is very easy to put on and breathable. 
- Keysha L Cole
 It is great quality product. I purchased this product due to nerve damage from a stroke. This is the only thing that keeps enough compression on my hand and arm to control the pain and lets me have use of my hand and arm. I will be coming back to purchase additional sets 
- Mrs Kathleen Goodale
 Love everything I have ordered from LympheDivas. So many options available too. The gloves give me the most trouble tho,the thumb got a split in it that I had to sew up. And the finger tips fray right away, always having to cut threads off. 
- Trudy Livesey
 Love all the patterns and colors available. The sleeves and gloves fit well and are comfortable plus give the amount of compression needed. My only complaint is the tips of the fingers on the gloves start fraying right away, so I always have little threads hanging there. 
- Trudy Livesey
 I like the texture and thickness of this product. It gives the support but does not bind under sleeves of clothing. I just wish that I could find one like this but as a one piece with attached half fingered glove. 
- Mrs Sandra A Meldrum
 Beautiful designs and strong hold 
- Mrs Lisa M Marks
 Awesome - very comfortable! 
- Lisa York
 It was perfect. Fit well. Quick delivery. Easily washable. I will be back for more 
- Marypat Shandor
 It is great looking and fits well. 
- Mrs Merle C Freedman Freedman
 Light , soft,beautiful and so comfortable. 
- Kenneth Einhorn
 I ord 
- Nancy Sato
 I love my kittens sleeve & glove set. I only have one thing to say glove has a small hole in it. It's on the underside of the thumb. 
- Mrs Olympia N Rogers
 These products are really comfortable to wear, easy to put on and take off and so soft. You don't even realize you are actually wears no something that is medically necessary base of the comfort. Much cooler than those beige thick ribbed ones too! All your patters are so lovely it is truly mposdible to sit and choose which to buy! My wife is very happy with them and we actually just ordered two more (gauntlet style this time) because her fingers are not always the problem. 
- Mt. Thomas Di Giacomo
 This is my first lymphedema sleeve/glove purchase. The sleeve and glove are quite supportive and has definitely helped keep my lymphedema in check. I have mild lymphedema, post bilateral mastectomy. The fit is good, it's comfortable, and, the design is very pretty. I picked the "Tranquility" pattern. Will definitely purchase again. 
- Mrs. Marie Starkovich
 I like this product better than the others I have worn. It is lightweight and so much easier to put on and take off. I have lymphedema with fibrosis in my right hand and arm. This sleeve/glove set helps keep the swelling down, plus the design allows me to have a little fun with my lymphedema. 
- Selena L Riess
 This product continues to be the most cost effective and helps control the lymphedema greatly. Highly recommend you try them! 
- Sandra Lamotte
 This one is great for summer time wear - it breathes and does not hold in the heat like some other thicker materials do. I recommend - this was my second purchase of this one, love the quality and fit. 
- Sandra Lamotte
 Great product 
- Iona Bovenzi
 It seemed to take a bit longer than I had expected to arrive but I am very pleased with both the sleeve and the gauntlet. It fit perfectly, and helps control the swelling very well. I find that as long as I wear the sleeve, my hand does not swell as much so I do not wear the gauntlet daily. 
- Norma L Tyree Tyree
 I've not worn it yet due to surgery not being until February 10th but, it's got great details and color and fits food. I'm a little confused by wrist fit on glove because it's Very Very wide. I'll research it. I'm not concerned 
- Brenda Howard Howard
 I love this arm sleeve. Fits well. This is the first glove that I ever had from LympheDIVA. I will order more! Fits well. I love the smooth material. This is my first glove (have ordered gauntlets). This is a great glove, it is comfortable. Fingers are a little long, but I can adjust it and thus it works! - I have shorter than average fingers. 
- Joanne Mattucci
 Was tight at first but stretched out enough after a couple wears to fit well. Also stayed up on my arm during workouts 
- Elizabeth Rodgers
 Yeah for Divas! I've worn various brands of expensive custom sleeves (30-40 mmHg) and gloves for 20 years covered under private insurance. But they were just the plain, simple tan garments. Then I reached Medicare age. In Medicare wisdom, they won't pay for the sleeves, just gloves! Go figure! I NEED both or I become predisposed to cellulitis. So, while I was fuming at Medicare, I searched the internet and was really happy to find the "DIVA's which are priced very affordably for a set. While not precisely "custom", my measurements per the instructions resulted in a great fit. I get positive comments from strangers especially about my "Lotus Dragon tattoos". They are surprised they are merely a garment. Then I explain about "Divas" and why I wear them. I try to coordinate colors with my work clothes. They are fun to wear, and very comfortable; I don't get excessive compressions at the wrist; I don't want to rip them off after a day of wearing them. One thing I do different from what the pictures show is I wear my glove under the sleeve rather than over. It gives a cleaner seamless look to me, but then I've always worn my previous garments that way for years. Yep, this 68 year old Grammy will 'be getting more Diva's in the future. 
- Harriett Way
 I found this site by accident while googling compression sleeves. as soon as I saw these I asked the OT if I could purchase these instead of 'made to order' ones. once she said yes, I ordered two of the sets. Upon ordering them, I felt so good when I received an email welcoming me to the family of Lymphedema products from Jessica. That alone told me I made the right choice because it made me feel so good receiving that little 'personal' touch from her. I thanked her for her email because now I felt like I had honestly made a great choice. I waited to write a review until after I wore and washed both and then wore them again. it has been about 2 weeks and I must say these are the MOST comfortable, beautiful looking compression garments EVER!!! I received compliments not only from my OT, but every other therapist who noticed my arm stopped to ask me where I got them!! people stop and stare, and I don't care anymore because I look so chic!!!! they are so soft to the touch it is amazing!! they are so pretty, no beautiful!! so pretty in fact I actually look forward to putting them on each morning. Although it still limits me from using both my hands from doing a lot of things, I can do much more than I was able to with my other glove that I had, since these give your hand and arm so much more flexibility than those 'heavy ribbed' ones. they are truly a magnificent product and I look forward to ordering more in different patterns very soon. 
- Alice Weissman
 Excellent product. It fits and wears well. I will be ordering additional arm and sleeve 
- Mrs Inez V. Joseph
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