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LympheDIVAs 3-Pack Arm Sleeve and Gauntlet Sets


LympheDIVAs 3-Pack Arm Sleeve and Gauntlet Sets by LympheDIVAs
LympheDIVAs garments were created by two women with lymphedema that wanted to develop a medical-grade garment that they would actually want to wear. When developing the garments their focus was on creating quality compression by using the latest cutting-edge technology. LympheDIVAs garments are knit in America using the covered yarn process which consists of inlay Lycra® with the Nylon filaments wrapped around it. Creating a garment that is durable and comfortable with 4-way stretch, producing less binding and a greater range of unrestricted motion. We pioneered the 3D seamless compression knit technique for our gauntlets and gloves, producing handpieces that are knit entirely in one piece directly on the machine with no unsightly and uncomfortable seams, providing greater hand freedom and unbound finger mobility. All garments are lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, keeping the arm cool and dry all day.

LympheDIVAs goal is to empower patients to manage their lymphedema with style, grace, and confidence by giving them choice. That's why LympheDIVAs has designed a large collection that has something for everyone. All LympheDIVAs patterns are created by LympheDIVAs designers specifically for the sleeves, you will never find LympheDIVAs patterns anywhere else.
Available Patterns and Colors
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20-30 mmHg Compression
3-Pack Sleeve + Gauntlet Set
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
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(Save $50 on a set as compared to purchasing separately.)
30-40 mmHg Compression
3-Pack Sleeve + Gauntlet Set
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Please enter your three patterns/colors below:
(Save $50 on a set as compared to purchasing separately.)
 The LympheDIVA sleeve/gauntlet sets are of course useful, but they are so much more. IF you have to have them, then why not embrace them? I get so many compliments on the colors and designs I choose to go with my clothes. It gives me a comfortable opportunity to explain why I use my compression garments. They are also easy to use with the instructions! 
- Dawn Decamp
 I like the arm sleeve and gauntlet sets they help with my swollen arm and hand and I like that they are different styles People always ask me about this product I actually keep the little brochure in my purse Incase anyone ask me about the product 
- Susan H Ostmann
 Love the fit and definitely lighter weight for the summer months. 
- Annette Parrotti
 I purchased Ink, Stella Navy Bei Chic and Darling Fair. If you have lymphedema and have to wear compression sleeves and gauntlets - then why not have fun, fun, fun!!!!!!!!! You owe it to yourself - definitely brings a smile to my face and the face of others. 
- Christine B. Sprague
 I felt much less conspicuous wearing these colorful sleeves when I was on vacation. 
- Wendy Mcilroy
 I really like these "Diva" Arm Sleeves and Gauntlets and have several, the last three I purchased have a hem on the gauntlet near the fingers. I prefer the smooth no hem design better as that is the location where any stains or dirt show first and the wrist is slightly shorter. Not a problem with fit or comfort but a couple of times it poped out from under the sleeve. 
- Donna Wilson
 Very comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Love the various patterns, happy customer. 
- Donna Wilson
 The 3-pack sleeve & gauntlets are an nice deal. it is great to choose unique designs for daily wear. The sleeves hold up well with normal usage. 
- Leigh Y Vosler
 Good quality and price. Awesome designs. 
- Lisa Price Labenski
 Beautiful & functional. 
- Michelle Abadir Hallock
 Beautiful, functional and comfortable! 
- Michelle Abadir Hallock
 They are so extremely comfortable and stylish. 
- Melissa Cook
 good fix no harsh seams, soft material 
- Miriam U. Nanartowich
 I've been using compression sleeves for 3 years now, and I find this brand to be extremely durable, and withstands all the punishment of my active lifestyle. 
- Mrs Angela Worby
 Great service and quick delivery! 
- Bonita Auman
 I love my new sleeves. I appreciate being able to have fun sleeves to match with different outfits 
- Sarah Hunt
 Love the colorful bands! I get alot of complements! 
- Hillary Shanklin
 Fits well, does the job, looks great. 
- Linda Sherwood
 Thank you for including a 3-sleeve/glove package deal. The price is the best bargain I've seen anywhere. It also is very nice to be able to choose different designs within the package, as I like several of them and couldn't bring myself to choose just one. Strangers I meet have asked me where I got my sleeve and I let them know that I bought them through your site. 
- Mrs. Hang T Tran Rosen
 I love the fit. Also it is not unraveling as with other products. 
- Veronica Harper
 It has helped my arm a lot with the swelling. 
- Mrs Doris B Michel
 I absolutely love these sleeves/gauntlets! I work in an ER and my patients (including the men) are always asking where I get these wonderful compression sleeves! I find them to be very comfortable and love the beautiful patterns (just wish there were even more tattoo looking ones). I figure if I have to wear something therapeutic I may as well have fun with it. Not only is the sleeve/gauntlet great but the story behind LympheDIVAs is so inspirational. Thank you for supplying such a fine product at such a nice price. 
- Elizabeth Alexander
 This is my fourth or fifth order of these products since I found your site. My wife loves the patterns and how easy it is to take care of the sleeves, gauntlets and gloves. Her lymphedema therapist approves of them and this is what counts too. 
- Mr. Thomas Di Giacomo
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