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Lymphedema Management - 4th Edition

Zuther and Norton

Lymphedema Management - 4th Edition by Zuther and Norton
This expanded third edition of Lymphedema Management, now co-authored by Steve Norton, founder of the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy, features more than a dozen new sections and updates of all existing chapters. It provides a clear and accessible introduction to the circulatory and lymphatic systems, the disturbances that lead to lymphedema and related conditions, and the most effective therapies for treating them. Covering key areas--from anatomy, physiology, and pathology, to diagnosis, evaluation, hands-on therapeutic interventions, and practice management--this new edition is a complete and essential handbook for lymphedema management.

This new edition includes: (1) addition of editor Steve Norton, one of the pioneers of lymphatic studies in the US, and 13 international contributors; (2) illustrated, step-by-step coverage of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT): a highly effective combination of manual lymph drainage, compression therapies, decongestive exercises, and skin care; (3) new sections on genetics and imaging, surgical and pharmaceutical options, compression strategies for wounds and limb paralysis, management of the morbidly obese, truncal and genital lymphedema, cancer rehabilitation, and much more; (4) expanded coverage of bandaging and taping techniques for the upper and lower extremities, compression garment selection and care, complication management, risk reduction, the role of exercise, and more; (5) new, larger format with up to 400 photographs, anatomical diagrams, and illustrations; (6) a wealth of exercises and self-care tips for patients

375 pages

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This product has 5 reviews.
 Excellent resource with the latest updates. Full of good information but easy to comprehend. 
- Ms Ava L. Englund
 The book is great!It is full of information and massage technical picturesupport to give the skills you need to deal with lymphedema. 
- Evelyn Akers
 I gave this book to my fisitherapisth, and she loved it. 
- Juçara Lefosse
 Helps you to understand the treatment plan and how it works. 
- Chrisann L. Danielson
 I'm so glad I ordered this book. Even though I'm a RN...and understand the body very a lymphedema patient too...I wanted to learn everything possible about managing my condition so that I'm able to keep my condition from progressing. While I've only started the journey...I found this book very detailed, insightful...what I was looking for. This condition demands a high degree of commitment of self all avenues of knowledge are like a weapon in the war. 
- Donna Fuller
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